Sunday, August 25, 2019
My Thoughts:-Kiran Raina
My thoughts carry me too far away on light wings and i return to myself after going over a long round. Thoughts travel faster than the fastest plane or the newest boeing and who need to carry any luggage on ' Thought voyage '. I have right to make mention of what passes through my mind and need no consent to remember her or recollect them or just think of none but of just myself. A solitary thought led to a million thoughts and the chain reaction ensued and put me into a frenzy. It is not eccentric with me but is true of all men and all women. We need not give up hope, is what i have reached to the conclusion and if thoughts are positive, + ve results, one after another, will show-up. Love yourself for the beauty lies within you. Never force yourself to remain with a single thought and it is prudent to let thoughts run amock and let you remain alive and active. My thoughts are mine and if i let them known to her or to him or to them, is my prerogative. Thoughts enter from one side and exit from another, some remain for sometime and some appear fleetingly. Mind cannot be forced to nbot mind what is surrounding or whatever is happening all around and if pertains to you or has concern with others. You think of ordinary happenings, sweet wishes, the effect of haughty laughs, the light smiles, the fragrance of flowers, of cows and small coloured birds, of fruits and juices, of tastes and turns, of books and brooks, of rivers and rivelets, of green pastures and open meadows, of the broken clouds or the rising sun, of moon light and light when it is night, Friends and forgotten one's, of recent episodes, and brief meetings which concluded for the resent to resume in the near future, of childhood and kids, of fridges or frowns, of grapes or grapples, of hugs and hammers, of sitting to-gether and saying nothing, of payments and premiums, of beds and backs, or you revisit to the old scenes and new surroundings. He decided to visiot my weorkshop but found the shed empty. The tools were in the mind and sculptures to bear a particular shape was in the vision. Mind minds the immediate and recollects events which happened half a century before. Your thoughts are your own and if it is right to share with Friends ? Good Morning Friends, who are in Thoughts.
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