Thursday, February 2, 2023
Let's say together make merry! Written by Ashok Raina
Happy New Year 2023

Today is a good time to gather happiness with your loved ones in life. Why don't we also use the stone of life to build a bridge of friendship? We should understand the basis of life. To understand the tricks of life, our parents send us to schools to make us educated we must should understand the fundamentally the chapters of social education with beginning of behaved letters, and then we will be able to successful in making many construction works of the society pure and auspicious is the job oriented.
Education is not limited to certificate courses only. While getting social education is the meaning of good education and to become good it is necessary to achieve good sound social education for to light the candle to bring a beautiful happiness in the country with the auspicious beginning of walking on the path of the foundation of our life.
Yes, by giving emphasis on social education, we can further spread the matter very well through newspapers. In the foundation of education, much negligence can be removed in time.
This is my request to all the newspaper owners as well that we should know and recognize our responsibilities and paths in positive manner to bring and develop an atmosphere of happiness in the country so that prosperity can be brought in the whole of India. Our people are happy and we are happy.
I believe that the problem our country is going through at the moment is very challenging. It is very important to we understand and realise to know that what will be the participation of our newspapers to get the redress the same in good manner and easily.
If we understand the responsibilities very well we can successfully not only control over the day today serious problems but rather, we can increase the self-confidence of people by becoming a ray of light and their hope.
Therefore, let us take a pledge on this day that we should not forget our dignity and we will also wake people up with good wishes on the new morning of the New Year. Yes, Happy New Year to you - Jai Hind.
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