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Need to stabilize and strengthen security infrastructure in J&K Written by Ashok Raina
Need to stabilize and strengthen security infrastructure in J&K
Written by Ashok Raina
For more than three decades, the people of the state are helpless and forced to live in the shadow of terrorism, there is an urgent need to prepare a plan for security in the state keeping in mind the future of the state. Years have passed but the security plan has not been prepared to provide security to the people in the state. Although many police companies have been deployed across the state by the government to ensure the safety of the people, a comprehensive plan has not yet been formulated, due to which the incidence of militancy is increasing in the state, the latest example of which is recent days happen in Rajouri district, a cowardly act and a very heart-wrenching incident took place in which many innocent people were killed by unknown militant outfit organisation . It cannot be denied that promotion of militancy from the across the border comprehensive terrorism plan and policy of the neighbouring owner and the anti-national elements under the guise of proxy war in Jammu and Kashmir Valley are not only causing trouble to the people of the state but also endangering the integrity of the country continuously .
Our country is facing proxy war run by neighbouring countries and our youth are sacrificing their lives for strengthen and promote the integrity of country. You know we can never succeed without establishing a comprehensive policy against the enemy countries. If we develop a secret comprehensive policy against terrorism, surely we can easily control on it without any hassle and not much bloodshed and help in ensuring the safety of the people.
Common people know very well that first read and then speak, and when we talk thoughtfully and naturally, there is a lot of tact in it, and we can not only value people's feelings with words, but those who succeed in winning people's hearts will become popular. In the same way, it is easy to prepare a security plan, there are no difficulties in it, but how much the thinking of security planning is being adopted by the ruling government is in front of everyone. It is important to first think about how we should prepare a plan of action and what steps we should take to control militancy.
Reading the fashionable columns in many newspapers till date makes me laugh when I look at the stories that are being told to the people the ghost stories about the cock and bull story. What we should do and what we should not do on strictly on security aspects need to keen interest. There is a need to work like a service centre for revision.
Sometimes the previous governments talked about the adoption of policy of winning the hearts of the people, but we have tested many times the hearts of the people though has formulated by way of unfurl the democratic ways for governments machinery . I thanks to the people of my state for implementation of democratic processes in the state of Jammu and Kashmir for the last 74 years. People have never questioned the democratic system to bring them to power and they have never hurt their feelings to form the government.
Therefore, there is a need to formulate a new comprehensive policy to strengthen all the structures of the basic aspects of security in order to install new hope in the hearts of the people, which will help to complete the days of improvement in the state. Therefore, the government has to stabilize and strengthen the infrastructure in the state of Jammu and Kashmir and in order to realize its strong intentions, the state and central governments have to think once again that they should not waste more time in the state of Jammu and Kashmir and think about formulating a comprehensive policy so that in the state Law and order should be implemented in the right way and bloodshed will also stop across the state.
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