Thursday, February 2, 2023
Overloading in Passenger vehicles women facing lot Written by Ashok Raina
Due to the non-implementation of the order of reserved seats for women in passenger vehicles, women passengers across the state in Jammu and Kashmir, especially in the city of shah-er- khas, and temple city Jammu are facing a lot of problems and they have to stand in the vehicles and in the load you have to travel. Women are facing a lot of difficulties while travelling due to the non-implementation of the order issued by the Transport Department for allocating seats for women in passenger vehicles in the valley and across the Jammu.

The traffic authorities have consistently failed to implement their directive to ensure allocation of reserved seats.

Many women and young girls from different areas of the valley are claiming that despite the reserved seats for women they have to stand in overcrowded public transport buses, and accused the transport authorities of not enforcing the seat reservation law. It has always been recorded in the lens of people that many women passengers had to hang around in overcrowded buses. Unless any male passenger voluntarily offers their seats to female passengers while other female passengers accuse the traffic authorities of not ensuring availability of reserved seats for women in public transport and asked the traffic police to take strict action should be taken against those who do not follow the rules. Many women passengers often are embarrassed about how and why to talk to the male passengers sitting on the seat to leave a reserved seat, yet many people voluntarily offer their seats. It is also pointed out that not Only reserved seats but also unreserved seats, but more under such circumstances, men refuse to lift the seats. Women alleged that there is need to maintain decorum of law towards and implementation of traffic rules for their ease travelling through passenger vehicles.

Women also believe that women travelling in local vehicles have to face many difficulties as soon as it gets late in the evening and sometimes; women's jewellery is also stolen during the pushing and shoving in the vehicles, which is a cause for concern. The blame of the women is that the arrangement of passenger vehicles is also reduced as it gets late in the evening and there is no organized system for the transportation of passengers to the inner cities by the government, due to which many women have to hire autos at expensive prices.
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