Saturday, December 2, 2023
Market checking process not anywhere, People worries for loot
Market checking process not anywhere, People worries for loot
Written by Ashok Raina
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The process of robbing consumers continues in Jammu and Kashmir because of no market checking process anywhere. The present government is not sincere to go for implement the price fixed set up in the state .The activities and machinery of the state is not for away from the sights of people and butchers, broiler chickens and vegetable vendors have heated up the market for loot and pillage across the valley, the customers are worried. While the rates have been set arbitrarily by the government, there is no implementation of the rates set by the government and the butchers are busy selling meat according to their own arbitrariness, as a result of which consumers are worried. The profiteers and hoarders have intensified their activities. In the whole state of Jammu and Kashmir, vegetable sellers, butchers and chicken sellers have reached the height of looting and hazing, the vendors and sellers have increased the prices many times enormously and charged the asking price from the customers according to their own will.

Butchers are selling meat without accounting for the government fixed rates. You know that @600 and Rs 650 per kg is being sold by theme instead of 500/ the situation in selling the boiler , chickens are also being sold at high rates without any proper checkups, however the prices of vegetables change daily. Make pretending the shortage of meat, the vendors took advantage of the opportunity to double the price of meat and the Department of Consumer Affairs and Public Distribution are spectators

In the public circles people often cry but the market in the entire state of Jammu and Kashmir is in the hands of profiteers and hoarders. Instead of providing relief to the poor people, opportunities are being made available to make them suffer and suffer. People decry for accountability of the government administration for the failure of setup machinery and mechanism in the state to check the menace of hoarding, loot around the all corners of the state and despite filing complaints, no action is being taken against such butchers, vendors, or vegetable sellers .The law enforcement agencies are helpless in front of the capitalists.
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