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Personal firearms license Need to write on pages. Written by Ashok Raina
Recently, the Jammu and Kashmir government led by Lt.Governor Manoj Sinha has taken a decision to remove the 54 months ban on the issuance of personal firearms license in state and has raised the number of queries over this issue. Yes no one can deny that already in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, the people have been greatly affected by the many problems faced in the militancy era from the period of the past 33 years. Hence the government needs to think again about the issue of personal firearms licenses in Jammu and Kashmir.

I think that the government may have agreed that the state government is now incompetent to provide security to the common people, hence the current government has decided to take steps to issue personal gun licences. However there is no need to go into detail about who will get a personal license, but we can certainly assume that the poor cannot afford to purchase a gun or pistol for his self defence and they also do not ignore their unstable economic situation and get an arms license. Those people who will need a license are not far from understanding in the minds of everyone. Although a personal gun license, everyone can become a personal guard, the poor citizen will still live by trusting God. Can we expect any positive results in society from the decision of the present government to issue gun licenses? Probably the question must have come to everyone's mind, while some people believe that this decision of the state government will strangle humanity in the state again. At the tip of the streets, looting and normal life may be affected. The business of killing humanity will be on the rise and pressure on people's minds in the society will increase and not decrease.

People also believe that the colourful dream created by nature will also be shattered. And the protection of the life of birds and animals will also be read as a danger, which can also have a bad effect on the natural environment. Need to write on pages.

I am not against the decision of the present government, but many questions arose in my mind that whether the intention of the present state government is right towards the people, then for what reasons personal gun license was banned in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. It is a matter of concern that we all know and are aware that driving with black glass strips on vehicles is a violation of traffic laws and there are no two opinions about it, but even today, how many people on the ground level are running on roads with black glasses on their vehicles day in and day out? No one has the time or attention in a densely populated state to think about what to do without a blanket of black blanket, while no one is ready to burden their minds with this serious issue. On the other hand, the government has empowered all district commissioners to issue personal firearms licenses and said that the ban imposed on magistrates regarding the issuance of licenses has been removed. It is necessary for the Magistrate to get CID verification and residence verification and character certificate from the police about the arms license holder. Along with this, it has been made mandatory for the Individual to obtain the arms license to be a resident of the district and for this he must also provide a certificate. The present government recently revoked the restrictions imposed on District Magistrates of Jammu and Kashmir for issuing new individual arms licenses in Jammu and Kashmir by means of Government Order No. 922 - Home of 2018 dated 12.07.2018, it is hereby ordered that the ban imposed on District Magistrates of Jammu and Kashmir on issuing new individual arms licenses is revoked with immediate effect. All concerned including District Magistrates (Licensing Authorities) have been asked to comply with the provisions of the Arms Act 1959 and Arms Rules 2016 apart from additional conditions and Aadhaar card must be obtained as a proof of identity.

The point of regret is that till date, the administration has not prepared a report about those people who have been issued licenses in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, and where from all the license holders have purchased weapons and how much to meet their needs. What is the current position and status of all those weapons at present after they purchase. It is also regrettable to ask whether the government or the administration has ever asked the licensee from which company the owner has purchased the more than two guns or pistols after obtaining the single license.

It cannot be denied that a license was required for the purchase of firearms and till date the government has never seen how many people bought the weapons and from where they bought them. There is no export or import of guns or pistols.

When I spoke to an elderly person, he expressed his sorrow and said that when a gun or a pistol is in his hand, he never remains silent, be it a bird or an animal, or the life of a human being is definitely in danger and Even a family member suffers from mental illness from gun owners.Revealing, it has been further stated that common people are already suffering from depression after seeing the tip of the gun in the state of Jammu and Kashmir.
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