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Behaviour is always greater than knowledge? Discussion on topics found necessary. Written by Ashok Raina
On the well known Facebook social site when my eyes suddenly travel on the timeline of one senior Indian citizen who uploaded his views on the subject of word Behaviour and defines the word behaviour in terms of “Behaviour is always greater than knowledge because in life there are many situations where knowledge fails but behaviour can still handle” I feel pleasure that said senior citizen has given me opportunity to write on the subject of behaviour and I have decided to write the chapter in my book to define the word Behaviour in my opinions I found the discussion on the topic necessary.
The behaviour of any person or an individual depends upon the sound of education and comes from the knowledge of education. Before discussing the subject we should know the meaning of word education first. Those who are claiming that the behaviour is greater than the knowledge are entirely erroneous and incorrect. I have seen so many people almost talking politely and with a great smile but inside I feel within them the poison more dangerous than venom exterminates the cooperative social behaviour harmony.
Good behaviour is not a bad thing and we should learn the aspects of good behaviour theories to earn the ways of livelihood in the civic society. The behaviour subject is a vast chapter to analyse and realise with aspects of recognition ourselves just like our faces appear in the mirror. If we understand ourselves well and thoroughly, then surely we will be able to understand the subject of behaviour and treatment without any human intervention.
That word behaviour in terms of the scientific environment is a cosmic study subject we should not lag behind to make adventures and innovations. Imitation behaviour of monkeys can help us to learn and teach the subject of behaviour within study circles.

There are several types of behavioural attitude of a live being recorded and are on paper. The word behaviour is also a learnable science subject and how we can use our mechanism to realise one's behaviour or assess to resolve the great issue within ourselves and within social step up calculations.

In my experience of life I have seen so many people are talking with politely and smile but inside I feel within them the poison dangerous than venom within the civic code matter. The word behaviour is meaningful and carries great weight however it is temporary and always changeable while knowledge is power of energetic glossary can shape the map of the society.
I define the word behaviour as converting from temper to temperament of having natural character and personality is always, unstable, unfixed, irregular and variable. As such any individual behaves with a different attitude in a day.
The learnable fact about behaviour is provisional and changes in every individual’s day today life just like any actor or actress make amend into their dress code conduct of behaviour during their performance of stroke in films while as the knowledge is permanent can transform and revolutionize the whole society towards the betterment of connectivity.
In my point of view, I share with you that generally there are two types of manners commonly distinguished and made out in the way of an individual. One is good natural behaviour and other is moral adopted behaviour.
Temperature of the body can be determined or be measured through the thermometer appliance but the temperament of any individual can’t be determined when it heats up or down. The change of temperament is the cause of change of one’s behaviour at all and as such the word behaviour is unfixed and unstable while as the knowledge is stable and through the knowledge we are able to discuss and come to the point. In this period of advancement the psychiatrist doctors are making efforts to control one’s temperament by means of the latest medicines. I didn’t want to go more on this way towards the subject of behaviour that make the mode with a new chapter of Psychiatrist behaviour of doctors and patients.
Apart from above there are no techniques so we analyse the aggressive behavior of any individual but by means of knowledge and wisdom we can understand the cause of aggressiveness of an individual.
Commonly it has been seen that a person suddenly gets angry and after playing pranks, he repents and feels his remorse hence the behavior is unstable while knowledge is stable to share within ourselves.
Nowadays how the educated people behave is stating the files in the government offices that lick the dust of soil for the purpose of accepting the bribe for clearance the same is the matter of inhuman behaviour. In olden days often more people were not educated but since the people become educated the word behaviour also composed on social sites for on discussion.
In terms of sleaze and dishonesty the knowledge within society really fails. In the flavour of high corruption practices in any state the law books and all the chapters of constitution become impractical
You know vividly that the inputs of knowledge of an individual is entirely impracticable fails just like RTI Act 2005 of the government and public servants are deliberately making attempts for to hiding the needful and required information under the said act to the information seeker and often high profile educated officers known how to get out from the fish trap are ultimately the knowledge of knowledgeable people fails in the untruth world.
I am very thankful to the senior citizen who has given me the power of an idea to write a chapter about the behavior of high profile educated people.
It has been always learnt that a well sound strong educated class of people are exploiting the poor class of people within society and on the subject of exploitation many authors including the well known author great Karl Marx have written books, chapters regarding the illegal exploitation within society and despite they successfully shared the valuable knowledge to people, what people learn?... has raised a query on the word behavior that weakens the importance of knowledge.

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