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Our flights are completely trapped in the cage of corruption".By Ashok Raina
Our flights are completely trapped in the cage of corruption".


What is the reality of the people in India and who are free from corruption?

(Written By Ashok Raina Editor of daily Northern Times)

If we are to besiege, why do people in India generally have to suffer? Even after completing 74 years of independence, we have not been able to fulfil the requirements that were to be fulfilled in the initial stage to live a normal life. Well, it's late, it's right, even today, if we are serious, what are we going to do?

“Where we are free in a democratic country and our flights are completely trapped in the cage of corruption.” Ashok Raina.

I was extremely happy when the Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi who led the ruling central government of India showed the whole world fulfilling his duties even on the day of his mother's unfortunate death and on the same day; the doors of the Bharat Express train were also opened by him for the convenience of the people. What is required to hold the position of the Prime Minister and how he forgot all his sorrows and engaged in the public services, but the officials who are working at the lower level in their own country do not know what to think about the Prime Minister's performance of such public services.

The public will not talk about it now, but all the officials who are working at the lower level in the country will probably never be ready to understand the facts that we have to fulfil and understand the responsibilities for the survival of our country.

I am very sad when I see the files of the poor people all over the country licking the paper worms and insects in the government cabinets and the poor people should be worried about their problems or else the officers responsible for this are stuck in the mess of delaying their justice. What does it matter to the officials?

What is happening in the whole country at that time, maybe even Prime Minister Narendra Modi will not know. However, before taking office, Prime Minister Modi, leaning his head on the porch of the Parliament, praised the democratic implementation of the process to the wishes of the people. How can the people of the country meet the needs of bringing change in a democratic country, but it is a matter of regret that the laws already made for the prevention of corruption are not strictly followed throughout the country and for this the government or we ourselves are responsible.

For the past 74 years, we have seen many times and climates change and our people are constantly facing difficulties. First, our poor people had to face difficulties due to the influence of foreign powers and now because of the corrupt powers within the country. They constantly have to endure the oppression which is a completely undemocratic act of force.

The Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi ji brought Aadhaar to bring reform to the people, but his role and vision has not been anything special in bringing out the people stuck in the trap of corruption. Every month, millions of rupees worth of malfeasance are blown by a few people across the country and while the poor people are stuck in the swamp like this and there is no one to wipe the tears flowing from their eyes.

If you look at it from a perspective, I tried to prepare a ground report on what is the real root and cause of the corruption happening in the country and I have come to the conclusion that there are more public holidays in our democratic system throughout the year, which is the secret of corruption.

I don't know whether you will agree with me on this point of view or not but I agree with my point and will never turn back from this path because in our democratic system in the country there are at least 200 days of holidays out of 365 days. In order to do this, many parents consider their children to have a better future and do not hesitate to take the path of bribery and therefore get a government job.

I will be reasonable but first we talk about daily holidays in government offices which till today the officials have never thought how to fulfil the needs of people in such a large densely populated country and how to work in government offices. How to work should be planned to land on democratic formation and according to the public requirements.

Two days in a week, Sunday and Saturday days together, at least 100 days of holidays are completed, while there are special days of different religions in the country when added together, the days count as more than at least 60 days apart from this, in favour of the employee, Casual Leave and Sick Leave and earning Leave are also considered as additional more than 30 days. If we talk about the education department, in our state of Jammu and Kashmir, winter vacation is 3 months and summer vacation is at least 15 to20 days. Besides, our sisters or mothers are able to get maternal leave without any next arrangements in the offices. Yes, in addition to this, the employees also take the path of sit-ins and protests in favour of their demands, due to which people are generally seen as suffering. Tomorrow, we will tell you where we are free in a democratic country and where our flights are corrupt and we are imprisoned in a cage.

An employee nowadays never considers himself as a public servant, when we forget him by doing public service, and then we also have to bear the consequences. What I have to say is that it has become very difficult to deal with the problems faced by the public in a densely populated country due to the government holidays. To complete this difficult task, even the poor people are helpless and are often forced to pay bribes because of the corrupt surrounding atmosphere.

Due to daily holidays in government offices, a common citizen has to walk to get work and then get his shoes repaired is also a root cause of corruption.

Yes, today's government employees do not have time and the salaries are very high, which is a violation of the decision of the Supreme Court. Although many courts across the country have made this clear in many decisions and have clearly said that everyone is entitled to pay according to their work, today's government employees take away the right to understand this fact.

When the daily work in the government offices is not completed satisfactorily as per the firm intentions of the government, then why the allocation of salaries is and who is doing it, which needs to be considered. Have the government or the law makers ever thought that how can the services of the densely populated population in the democratic country of India be solved in accordance with the public demands and due to the increasing corruption and corruption in the country, have two or four people ever dreamed of this dream?

It can be considered that the work of government offices across the country is uncharacteristic and substandard not completed without any corruption. At present we can say that "where we are free in a democratic country and our flights are completely trapped in the cage of corruption".

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