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What conclusion after biometric missions did the government finally reach?WRITTEN BY ASHOK RAINA
Has it become mandatory to privatize the offices for the uniform development of the country?
To what extent can we justify the claims of a corruption-free government under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi? Is the government not misleading people by giving hollow claims and facts? To ensure attendance, the government has invested thousands of crores of rupees to set up biometric missions. But what is interesting is whether the central government has prepared a blueprint on the ground level, which the poor and bankrupt people can follow.
Let us know that the work of the government offices has been improved and if it has happened, to what percentage the losses made in our coffers have been compensated due to the work of our government offices, or due to the biometric machines, whether there is no more lime in the government treasury.
As far as my belief and experience is concerned, if the government had changed its policies in time and instead of installing biometric machines, then surely our country would have been much better compared to other countries today. If there is seriousness in the government, surely the employees would also be serious about their responsibilities automatically and the trust and belief of the people in the social society would be gained by the employees when they would perform their services without any bribery and without any malice.
It is sad to say that the government had not thought of a plan to reduce public holidays instead of installing biometric missions in the government offices. I f we are all already sincere there would be no need to install biometric attendance measurement devices. It is crystal clear to say here that there is a lack of seriousness in public servants to perform their services to the people properly and they are not trying to do good because they themselves fall into this category, Even though biometric devices are installed in government offices, the files of crores in number of destitute people across the country in the government closets are getting dusty and dusty, for this the government is fully accountable to the public.
If the demand is true, my views will not be different from yours because throughout the year government employees get less work and more salary and sometimes in our country more offices open after two, two, three, three days. If we talk about the remote and backward areas, the people there are very vulnerable to the inattention of the government employees. Today, government employees consider themselves emperors without a crown, but in one sense, it is also right because as many facilities are available to the employees sitting at home, according to this calculation, the crown must be king.
There are several judicial courts functioning in our country but there is no justice because even the court orders are not being honoured by today's employees, so how can they get services by putting their identity card in the biometric system.
It is also to be seen that if the government has installed the biometric machines in the government offices and after the installation, till date, which diagram or report has been prepared by the government got published to bring it before the public to be aware. It is vividly matter of question how many grievances or important matter files of the poor people come into being routinely and how many files dealt with in time to redress the grievances of the public and how the relevant officers take the account from their close up employee or colleagues related to all matters , It is under stable for all we also keep quiet because after reading and writing, we too can see with both eyes because they deprived are those who cannot actually see the real world.
Shall we admit this that during the past 74 years perhaps no such division has been set up or constituted in our country so far to inquire about the pending files of the poor people in government offices that are to be investigated and reviewed?
That by my reckoning, there are currently millions of pending files of poor people whose disposal could not become effective after the lapse of many years, while trying to put many files pending has created a web of confusion for the employees at present. God is the only witness for what had happened to all those files and memorizing the song from the film “Khuda gowa” Gowa Khuda”….”
Although the government under the leadership of Modi repeats the talk of zero tolerance for corruption while claiming a corruption-free government, what are the people tolerating; perhaps they themselves do not know whether to privilege the government offices to get rid of this tolerance. It has not become mandatory, to privatize the offices for the uniform development of the country? ,Which will not empty the government treasury unnecessary as we face today.
Nowadays the concept in the minds of people has raised many questions upon the present policy of government related to the attitude work within government offices as so what conclusion after biometric missions did the government finally reach? Has it become mandatory to privatize the offices for the uniform development of the country?

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