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Try most of the home remedies to avoid diseases
During the last thirty years, diseases like cholesterol, thyroid, BP and diabetes have increased manifold in the state of jammu and Kashmir as like in other states of the county. Health experts have said that adulteration in food and drink and excessive use of medicines cause such diseases. Many new diseases have emerged in the state during the last 30 years, which have affected middle-aged people as well as the young generation.

Cholesterol, thyroid, diabetes, blood pressure, and other such diseases have taken the people of the valley and pushed them into many kinds of problems. In this regard, health experts have revealed that the number of patients suffering from the above-mentioned diseases has increased by 60% in just a few years.

According to the experts, although such diseases existed before, the percentage rate was only around 5%. The health experts said that during the last thirty years in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, there has been a considerable change in the way people eat and drink, work, especially. Women are suffering from these diseases because they have adopted unnatural methods in their domestic work, due to which their blood circulation is getting very less, due to which many diseases are born.

Experts said that apart from this coin, excessive consumption of fatty foods, oil consumption, and excessive consumption of meat and poultry also cause many diseases. Health experts have also revealed that the use of various chemicals in food and drinks and other harmful additives, as well as the use of English medicines also cause various types of diseases. Experts said that in the last thirty years, medicines have been used more here. Experts have advised the people to make exercise in the morning and evening as their routine by avoiding more rest and stop using medicines for minor ailments and take medicines only on the doctor's advice if needed. Try most of the home remedies and old recipes to avoid the side effects of using allopathic medicines.
(Author is Editor of daily Northern times)
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