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“Navratri and women respect” Dr. Reena Ravi Malpani (Poet and Writer)
“Navratri and women respect”

Mother Jagadamba, the mother of the world, is an immense ocean of compassion, affection and power. It is impossible to capture the glory of a mother in words. The supernatural divine experience of Bhagwati is worth experiencing only, it is just a matter of crying out from the heart. In any difficult situation, the child first calls his mother and the mother immediately listens to his call. Mother Lion also showers her blessings on her devotees. Mother Vaishnodevi showed her mercy on the repentant feeling of Bhairav whom she had killed. Bhaktavatsal Maa not only forgave him but also blessed him to complete the darshan after seeing him. Mother is truly a unique form of generous love. The compassionate mother is adorned in the form of the mother of the world. Every leela of the self-reliant Mother is unique and incomparable.

Navratri and women's respect are completely related to each other. Navratri also inspires us to focus on respect for women, but it is often seen that people who sing praises of Mother Goddess for nine days and pray to Mother for happiness and prosperity often abuse their sisters and daughters. We establish statues in a world adorned with pomp and show. They do Kalash, Ghat establishment and girl worship, but on the occasion of the birth of a girl child they are surrounded by sadness. Despite having so much faith and respect towards the mother, we cannot dream of a safe society in which sisters, daughters and innocent girls can feel safe. Why has our heart become infected with tainted emotions?

During the nine days of Navratri, we give up Tamasic food, but keep our wrong thinking as it is. We do not germinate the good feelings of generosity. Perhaps we only perform formalities in the worship, worship and sadhana of Mother Goddess. We do not sacrifice even a little for this women's respect. We are not concerned about his happiness. Still in some places women are deprived of education. At some places women are victims of harassment and contempt. A woman cannot live her few moments with joy for her own happiness. At some places women are seen trapped in social chains. Even in building an advanced society, we are not able to remove social discrepancies. By calling her a goddess, she is being treated as a working machine and her wishes, aspirations and desires are being suppressed. Why are women feeling unsafe in a society that worships mothers? Why the irony of our society remains as it is. The Lord Himself displays His perfection along with the Goddess, then why is that form of Shakti a victim of terror, suffocation and oppression at some places.

Why are the enlightened people of the country and society not able to give impetus to women's development, upliftment and upliftment? We have to improve our thinking and give women a safe and respectable society. Torture, indecent behavior and exploitation of women must be ended. Social consciousness will have to be awakened in the interest of women. Praising the mother inspires us to enhance the dignity and loyalty of women in every form. This Navratri too, we will pray to the compassionate Mother that she destroys the darkness prevailing in our society and makes the sun of respect and safety of women shine brightly. Hail mother Goddess.

Dr. Reena Ravi Malpani (Poet and Writer)
(Matter has been translated from Hindi into English )


Dr. Reena Ravi Malpani

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