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HOW TO UNDERSTAND LIFE Written by Ashok Raina


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In the era of education, every person in this world considers himself educated. Being educated does not mean that we have acquired the ability to speak English or Hindi. The shelter of life is not what we have understood in every living being. Even illiterate people understand how to spend their days in this world and five decades ago, people were generally not very educated, still they had love, affection, brotherhood, respect, virtues and Knowledge means that they had everything.

I think we have deviated from real life. What aim did we have and by getting lost on the way, we spoiled our objectives. If we succeeded in adopting mobile connectivity, why did we get separated from that affection, love and brotherhood? Speech of birds like cuckoo Mittu is still pleasing to the mind.

To understand what and how the life of living organisms is and before this, it is important to understand that under one roof we all breathe oxygen. If we study the life of all living organisms then it is not so easy to describe the natural beauty that can never be compared with the life of sciences as we cannot compare the sun light with electric light as such nor can we change the natural behavior within ourselves.

If we talk about our inner behavior then there is no doubt about it that the NATURAL BEHAVE Like every living creature, ours is also completely different.

For example, if we take only 5 monkeys for study because monkeys are very famous for imitating others. When I carefully studied the video of a woman on Facebook, I found that naturally everyone has their own unique behave .and we can never change our natural behavior.

Just as five fingers do not fit together, similarly our behavior also does not match. Perhaps the syllabus system has been kept in schools to change the pattern of behavior among children by means of education, but the ability of children cannot be assessed similarly. Moreover they cannot get marks according to their hard work, but often and always reflects the percentage of IQ found in them.

Just like in the syllabus, if we keep woven gram in front of five pet monkeys to eat, then we too will realize within ourselves that monkeys also have different attitudes and behaviors like us. No doubt the speech of birds like cuckoo and Mittu is pleasing to the mind but the natural behavior within every living organism is naturally different.

87 lakh types of animals, insects, etc. are found on the earth. They also have the same right to live on the earth as we do.

I have come to this point Mother is the first teacher of any child and is better than the school environment.

The special thing about birds and animals is that they are well aware of how they are capable of living without doctors and medicines. How is it capable enough to withstand cold, heat, rain and storms? If we love them they also love us more than us because they have more qualities than us and have more beautiful experiences of life and we should have to learn more from them .This is only possible if we study more on the relevant subject and the question arises here that whether we can become capable of learning the quality of flying from them or how to be gained for the successful life without adopting flying machines or medicine and doctors.

When I studied animals and birds closely, I found that they are much smarter than us even without going to schools. I also found many qualities within them like mutual brotherhood, love, happiness, sweet influence during their chirping beside the quality of flying together in the sky and their satisfaction.

I have even seen many times different colorful birds sitting on the branches of trees on the banks of rivers and worshiping the God. Like cuckoo and Mittu I also found within some group of birds as making the voice and calling to lord Krishana as “ Krishna gopiyou” through their beautiful beaks

Jai shri Krishana

Om namo bhagwate vasodevaye
(Written by Ashok Raina Editor of daily Northern Times)
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