Thursday, February 22, 2024
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Even if my thoughts do not match with your thoughts, in such a situation some of us may laugh, but laughing is not forbidden. Till date, we have achieved many successes in the efforts made by humans during the period of research and inventions.
Not only NASA took many initiatives to learn a lot about Mars, moon and other planets in the universe but the Indian Space Research Organization has also not lagged behind in this regard till date. India's endeavor has always been to ensure success at low cost.
If we discuss and consider our basic aspects before preceding any needful research, then surely we can not only save energy and expenditure but can also achieve mastery and success many times more than before and easily within the time frame works and limits.
The thing that deserves attention is why do we become ignorant even after knowing everything or do we deliberately ignore everything?
We have to collect many more resources to send heavy weight drilling machines to any planet in the universe to use them for the typical process of creating a hole or opening in something only for research purposes..
However, nature has already surprised scientists and forced them to do research on the proboscis of harmful female mosquitoes, which is successful in sucking blood even through the thick skin of animals. Scientists say this 500 to 1,000 beats per second mosquito produces an echo similar to the musical note A and makes a buzzing sound and especially, females produce more buzzing sounds like the cryogenic engine It would be appropriate to mention here that mosquitoes of very small size but are very dangerous and fast moving and act as carriers or vectors of many diseases. Like, malaria, dengue etc.
In my opinion, if we work more and make more loads on our brain and mind before doing any research, our basic dreams on the ground level will be able to float with few more positive results and new technology can be implemented in the shape of different types & shapes of female mosquitoes.
However there is information about everything around us, like as I have already said that the proboscis of the female mosquito which is more strong and extracts blood even through from the thick skin of animals, works like a very sharp weapon and similarly the proboscis of butterfly and an ant is also keen interested to know we exactly how we will be able to drilled underground with very light weight small sharp manufacturing technical machines within the sphere of planets to save the fuel and more unnecessary expenditures.
If we understand well the sharp shapes of the proboscis of a mosquito, ant or a butterfly, then surely our engineers will be able to create not only lightweight technology to be proceed further in space on small expenditures but also can create the history for to manufacture the sensors cum send signals type of robots for exploring thousands of planets present in the universe
Whereas questions arise and arise into my mind again and again and can we ever create light and successful technology like the size of a female mosquito or a butterfly or an ant and in less time and at a lower cost, to invent or discover all the facts present in the universe as per our needs cum goals without using cryogenic engines and other heavy equipment's?
If this dream comes true in the future, the battery cells used in clock watches could serve as the best fuel for the said project, as well as supplementing the memory cards present in mobile phones can help to record all facts at present in the universe. So this thought came to my mind whether can we able to make research easier at low cost by inventing small instruments like a female mosquito, butterfly or an ant to establish our footing firmly in the universe?
(Article is written by Ashok Raina Editor of daily Northern Times)
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