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Jagti Nagrota 09 February (Ashok Raina)
As soon as the lieutenant governor of the state Mr. Manoj Sinha, who came to lay the foundation stone of the football stadium in Jagti township, people staged a massive siege and raised slogans against the government and administration in front of the lieutenant governor against the lack of basic facilities and violations of human rights in migrant camps including Jagti Township
Amid a lot of commotion people took to the streets and protested strongly against the government and strappingly demanded the government to increase the monthly relief, saying that the current government should be held accountable whether from the last several years Why has the government been so careless with the families of the homeless class, which is a very shameful act and the history is a witness that the current ruling government has not done anything for the homeless and homeless families till date, which is a cause for concern.
During the protest demonstration, the weak and poor families raised slogans against the present attitude of the government towards the minority community of state being deprived of not only for basic facilities and amenities but have raised their voice against the ruling government under the leadership of the governor for violation of human rights and take away the fundamental rights of uprooted citizens of state
Perhaps the governor has been kept far away from the reality that why would he want to play a football tournament with people who are longing for a drop of water and are deprived of basic amenities.”Said an old age citizen.
Elderly and disabled migrants have given more details and said that two to three years ago, Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha personally came and set up an awareness camp here at jagti township to distribute monthly aid under Social Welfare schemes ..The elderly and disabled men and women migrants filled the forms on the spot were given, but later what happened to all those forms, either the government under the leadership of the present governor knows about it or those who passed away during from that period of time. Therefore, the talk of Khelo India Khelo does not enter our minds.
On Anonymity basis he said more that the people here are longing for a drop of water and many people of the community are deprived of basic facilities. And what goal the government wants to achieve by playing the deadly game, the community is fully unaware .We are till date completely deprived and are being fooled all over and we do not understand the talk of Khelo India Khelo Tournament in our minds, whether it is fact or fiction. The people of the whole world should know what the truth is and what is the myth about the jagti township.
Although the Lt. Governor Mr. Manoj Sinha probably had no idea about what kind of situation he would have to face instead of being welcomed and welcomed in Jagti Township. The present administration had to go through an embarrassing period when the people of Jagti had expressed their displeasure against the government while trying to put the reality and truth about the normal life in the township in front of the governor.
However, it was definitely revealed that the situation of the Kashmiri Pandit refugees who have been living in Jagti township and the refugee camps for the past 34 years has worsened continuously, which is a clear statement.
How the current government has dealt with the homeless and homeless families is vividly remembered in people's minds.
The current government has dealt with uprooting the badly affected families. is completely unprofessional and Locals have alleged that ever since elected public representatives in present-led governments have started working, instead of getting relief, the common people in the camps have been facing a very bad situation and people have to spend their days in cramped conditions.
It cannot be ignored that the condition of the poor families is very critical and many people belonging to this class have passed away at a young age due to the neglectful attitude of the state government.
The deprived community people have said in a message to the press that the Human Rights Commission is a very honest institution of the Government of India, which instead of not taking the situation of the people living in Jagti Township and other migrant camps seriously, while today in Kashmir valley. have come to hear the issues of the common people while as the said Commission has completely failed to measure the situation of the homeless and displaced families during the last 34 years and to give them justice, so how long will the present government hide the true scale and dates
It is a witness that the current government is adopting a discriminatory treatment towards the homeless and homeless families.
The bereaved families of the community have expressed regret and added that the Human Rights Commission has remained a silent spectator during the last 34 years instead of giving justice to the minority community of Kashmir Pandits, while the fact is that the neglectful attitude of the ruling government and thousands of people of the community have been buried alive till date due to adopting step mother behavior and before the upcoming elections the governments will have to answer
That in general the world is fully aware that during the last ten years the language of the representatives of the state remains salient about the displaced minority community of state and why all the political parties have become soundless spectators to raise the case of the homeless Kashmiri Pandits in the Parliament.
It is a pity that during the last ten years, no member of parliament has come here to Jagti Township or any other migrant camps to analyze the situation of the needy Kashmiri Pandit refugees. It has not been corrected nor is the current government ashamed of its actions. So it is time to inform the common people across the globe what is the truth and what is the myth about the jagti township ” Khelo India Khelo does not enter our minds.” They said
(Written by AshokRaina (Editor of Northern Times)
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