Thursday, April 18, 2024

If we agree with the Chief Election Commissioner of India Shri Rajeev Kumar, this time 10.5 lakh polling stations have been arranged for more than 97 crore voters in order to conduct the elections in a smooth manner throughout the country.
Apart from , 1.5 crore polling officials in addition to security personnel an outline has also been prepared regarding the deployment of government officials to conduct and complete the 7 phased manner elections across the country
That even the availability of 55 lakh voting machines and 4 lakh vehicles is being talked about, but it is necessary to consider how serious the government is to save all the expenses on present elections.
Although it cannot be ruled out online voting can prove to be very effective in conducting the elections peacefully across the country without any fuss and riots.
if the government is serious and the expenses incurred on the elections can also be easily controlled. Not only this but, the effects of the general inflation after the elections can also be controlled.
In the current era, while the government is claiming to make everything online, why is it not serious about making voting online? Due to online voting, neither security forces nor government officials need to be deployed in such a large number, nor can the government have to make more other arrangements at the polling stations.
Not only this, but every voter like the deposit account holders will be well aware of the correct use or cast of their vote, which cannot raise any questions on the electronic voting machines later. Is the government ready for online voting to control the expenses incurred on elections apart from the prevention of riots?
That's the consideration. should be given to conducting the online voting so that the economic situation of the country will not be weakened beside no one will be allowed to join riots to destroy other property of the nation to politicize the issue and I hope you’ll realize significantly improved turnout, reduce costs, and simplify voting.
Elections are expensive endeavours from printing to deployment of workers; the financial toll of operating an election can put a strain on any budget. Online voting can help save money.
Yes, online elections will prove helpful for our country
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