Thursday, June 20, 2024
HAPPY MISSING DAY Written by Ashok Raina(Editor of Northern Times)
I was surprised when I first saw the fresh news today that the state government has decided to freeze the salaries of all employees whose basic appointment orders at the ground level are missing. What is the reality and what is the truth, only the present administration knows very well, how are the basic appointments orders of the employees missing?

The present state government has also said that the matter will be inquired into and the service book records of all the employees will also be investigated before the salaries of all these employees are re-allocated or be released.

But what is the myth and what is the myth that why such employees have not been removed in the view of all successive governments till date and if any are working in the state government without appointment orders how did their service books records maintained and. Why advertisements were not required for very needful unemployed youths from time to time to fill the vacant posts in the state

Who are the appointed and how the said employees receive salaries without issuance of appointment orders in the state till date. So the question automatically arose as to how the orders of appointment of the said employees were are claiming to the missing

During the previous governments, how many employees were accommodated in the state administration without issuing appointment orders? The matter of treason should also be decided, whose leadership is working illegally without issuing orders and the state treasury has been looted in broad daylight unlawfully.

After all, what is happening in our state, how the luck and fortune of many unemployed youths have been destroyed and destroyed by keeping their future in darkness.

It is also to be seen how the circles of bribery and influence are rotating abounding within us in the state and how people's minds are spinning. Employed and educated youth are being forced to come to the streets many times and they are being abused and discriminated against by giving them mental torment and have crossed all overage limits and without got any employment avenues.

You have also seen so many times written in alphabet and bold letters on the entrance gate of many schools that” ENTER TO LEARN AND LEAVE TO SERVE” then the question also arises here, whether well-educated officials have received the corruption and bribery lesson from their respective schools has given the birth of such scandalous incidents are taking place in our state, which is a pity.

In fact, it now becomes necessary to see whether the service book records of the employees whose salaries have been stopped due to non availability of their basic-appointment orders should not be properly approved with their future corrections.

. I do not want to take up the state government. On these issues Therefore, what is a myth and what is a myth, everyone will come to know in the near-term instant soon. FOR NOW Happy Missing day.

(Written by Ashok Raina(Editor of Northern Times)

Jammu April 22, 2024

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