Thursday, June 20, 2024
While the parliamentary election activities have picked up throughout the country and the elections are being held in a peaceful manner, the idea of the parliamentary election being considered for the Kashmiri Pandits can never be ignored.
According to the requirements of democracy, chairs but how has the attitude and behavior of the claimant political parties been towards the Kashmiri Pandits viewed openly during the last 34 years? Is not far away from the eyes of people and in my opinion parliamentary elections or state assembly are completely meaningless and useless for Kashmiri Pandits.
As far as the question of the Hindutva believing parties in India is concerned, they too have created an atmosphere like the movies by playing the game of ring match by adopting the vote policy and deliberately denying all the rights of the Kashmiri Pandit minority community.
Even though the film Kashmir Files 2022, made about Kashmiri pandits, was a super hit, the problems related to Kashmiri Pandits did not fall in the hands of the Indian government and the film earned more than 60 crore rupees in just five days. The film was declared tax-free in several states including BJP-ruled states - Goa, Gujarat, Haryana, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Tripura, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Bihar and Himachal Pradesh, with several chief ministers and MPs appealing to people to see.
. It was said to see "everyone" but it is a matter of sadness and regret that all these ministers did not see it themselves, otherwise the sad situation of Kashmiri Pandits would not have happened again and again. The situation of kashmiri pandits at present is entirely nonstandard and abnormal in parallel to the other citizens of India and citizens of Jammu and Kashmir.
If I talk about myself or refer to myself, I have been treated with great discrimination and so cruelty has been adopted with me and I have not faced any Hindu family in neighboring states.
The believers in the Hindutva political parties after the formation of government have overshadowed the saffron colored scarf by putting a smile on my face.
The current government of India under the leadership of Modi ji is claiming faith and trust in Hinduism and being a Hindu praying before the temples of lord shiva and lord Ram have never made a simple attention towards the Kashmir pandit minority community at large.
The place on records and complaints clearly expressing that I have been abused a lot after 2014. I have been a victim of cruelty. However, the administration in the current government is fully aware and knows what we have done with the uprooted needful and deserving writer and author who was displaced from his home.
Since after my birth in my own state I have been living like an exile in my own country. During my lifetime I have fought a lot for justice and my papers have also green flagged the film about Kashmiri Pandits even with evidence and courts from all over the country. Even though the orders were kept together, they were ignored and even did not allow me to do a little job in my own country, which is a very shameful act and situation faced by the writer. Due to the shadow of fear, even going to the courts to demand justice in the courts was also stopped.
What is the reality of Hinduism? The current Chief Minister of Maharashtra is probably well aware because he is very knowledgeable. Millions of people come to knock on his and Modi's gatherings.
If they are willing, I will definitely present a picture that is based on a truth and the dreams that are associated in their hearts and minds like mine, will they be fulfilled like my dreams at par with other citizens of my sovereign country?
As far as my question is, films are being made on colorful stages, new dresses are worn and the pictures look beautiful, but what is the shadow behind these beautiful pictures that would make a national leader ignore a homeless Kashmiri Pandit nationalist deliberately? I
Although the awareness campaign related to the elections has been conducted by many political parties across the country, the real picture is not being brought before the people and the people are being misled which is not in the interest of the country.
I want to know from my Honourable PM of India that I have filed complaints many times as a citizen on social sites and also came to the PMO office and filed a written complaint but Why was the matter finally suppressed and hidden?
What is the reason that I am a I am a homeless Kashmiri Pandit stumbling inside my own country and what does the Constitution of India say, do I have the right to get a job and live in my own country or do I have right to burn the midnight oil for my right to livelihood in my own country or otherwise to stop understanding by you like people?
Therefore, it was also the job of the media to briefly describe what the film says and what the Indian government is doing for the Kashmiri Pandits including me but at that time even still the media workers are under pressure and are also looking like spectators due to threats to stop their advertisements and outstanding payments for their concerned activities
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