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Jammu May 22 (Ashok Raina)
Under the leadership of present government the lobby in I&B is more dangerous where the anti state activities are faster than a Gale
You believe me or not but it is true saying by perfectly and confidently about the happening in our country badly the situation is worse than before.
That till today, despite filing complaints with number of evidences in writing to the BJP-led central government many times, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting is not entirely sincere because the responsible officers mind not got changed in the free handiness’ of present government
. The administration is well aware. Today, I want to know from the current ruling administration under the leadership of bjp government through print and social media that if the complainant got orders from the office of PMO as well as after from the courts and the Rashtrapati bhawan as well, why no action was taken till date against the bad entry
. The present government's slogan of Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas ka is echoing at international levels, but why is my development not happening and why am I stumbling in my own country?
Our Home Minister Mr. Amit Shah sahib has recently issued his statement that Kashmiri Pandits also voted 42 percent this time, while earlier Kashmiri Pandits did not vote more than 3 percent, but if Kashmiri Pandits did not vote, what is my fault? I have been abused on the basis of religion and the attitude of discrimination has been adopted and such treatment has not happened to any other Hindu in the neighboring countries.
I also have a question with the ruling BJP government that how many uneducated and those who did not get education up to 8 classes were made journalists and publishers during the last 10 years after your government came in power. While how many educated professionals associated with the Kashmiri Pandit class were publishing in newspapers to took the step to close down them For it again and asked why, whose hand is behind it, then where is the development of all
Despite receiving instructions and orders from the Rashtrapati Bhavan, why has there been no action till date? What are the reasons? Modi ji in power knows very well that from where Man Ki Baat program is being broadcast.
If there will be a raid then there will be a big mess. It has been going on for decades. The lobbying in INB is so dangerous that it is not in the interest of the country. The current administration under the leadership of BJP has not allowed the sincerity to come and they have been strengthened and protected which is a sad and shameful situation grows day by day
The embarrassing affair came to light and culminated when the complainant contested for several posts on an all-India basis and was selected as general category but was cheated each time. It is surprising that the candidates who did not take part in the competitive recruitment exams, how their names were published in the final list is still raising many questions and my sleep is being disturbed by over-thinking whether under the leadership of BJP. It is necessary to ask why the present government is stalled, which advocates the development of everyone with the slogan of SAB KA SAATH SAB KA VIKAS at the international level, and if so, why is there no development for me?
The complainant exposed a huge scandal related to appointments in All India Radio and Doordarshan to the post of transmission Executive and programe Executive which was going on during the Congress rule and is still going on while the percentages have increased multiple times. It is more than the power of the Congress at the moment and I have the proof.
The matter was also given to the Vigilance Organization, but no action has been taken despite the orders from there, while there are many candidates who are children of the same father and were appointed as Transmission Executive and Program Executive on the basis of fake certificates. While the cases of the successful candidates were pending in the courts, many candidates fled the country; some candidates have succeeded in getting a dignified retirement after causing losses to Prasar Bharti in many fields and scales
Both BJP and Congress are responsible for the fraudulent appointments of candidates, under whose leadership the administration is working and despite filing complaints, the Ministry of I&B is not getting away with it. Why are our parliamentary representative remain salient Mr. Jitinder sahib silent over the sensitive matter, he himself knows that after winning, the parliamentary members of Hindu faith can help me to solve my case or they will make fools of us in the name of Hindutva again and again .
What is surprising is that there is also a cover-up to protect and shield up candidates being appointed fraudulently without their participation in the selection process with me not being ready to hear the matter of the complainant. The complainant filed several petitions in the Rashtrapati Bhavan with evidence and even after the orders were issued, where did the people running the Man Ki Baat programme keep a lid on it and no action was taken.
The point is that the Human Rights Commission is also ignoring the orders of the Rashtrapati bhawan and the orders issued already in my favor at the initial stage by the Human Rights Commission in the early period are proving to be unsuccessful in implementation till date. The lobby in I&B is more dangerous. Where the anti-national activities are faster than the wind
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