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HOW I WONDER WHAT YOU ARE Written by Ashok Raina):-
Today those children would be really surprised and would also be remembering those school days of their childhood when they were being taught the lesson "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star How I Wonder What You Are".
Who knows in childhood?, whether they understand it or not, but when they grow up, they finally understand it themselves, when in broad daylight, they will be caught by corrupt officials, throwing dust in their eyes, and cutting their pockets.
Generally, it was also seen that the children who were taught the lesson 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star How I Wonder What You Are' in English medium schools are actually making everyone wonder today after becoming government officials by misusing their chairs and leaving people in awe and forcing them to count the stars during the broad daylight.
The special thing is that our Prime Minister Narendra Ji Modi had a big vision and I still remember that day when he bowed down in the House and instilled self-confidence in us, but gradually and slowly after the change in the building of the House, Why did our noble desires go away? We don't know that but we can say this with this aspiration and dream that what he always said if implemented then we would have controlled black marketing and corruption is a big problem in India.
I remember that too. When I went to his office and with a new hope and enthusiasm, I raised a very good issue in writing regarding the fraudulently appointments in All India Radio and Doordarshan,to the post of Transmission Executive and Programme Executive which was a good decision not only in favor of the country but also in the interest of thousand of unemployed youths like me though are still facing the act of atrocities and injustice in India and whose careers have been destroyed and ruined by corrupt business executives thought were remain more active in Ministry of I&B.
Today I have to say with sadness that all my efforts proved to be useless and fruitless in this regard and I am not able to understand why such great personalities who strengthen the image of our India on international platforms are mobilized and silent on all those corrupt officials who are ruining the country from behind.
The candidates whose jobs were given to them by means of back door entry and fraudulently are laughing at me today and are saying on my face now what did your Prime Minister do against us?
My heart aches when I look at the unemployed youth from poor families like me, whose rights have been forcefully snatched away by the influenced contractors unlawfully.
I am feeling the most saddened from within regarding this matter. The Akashwani Radio channel which broadcasts Mann Ki Baat, a huge recruitment scandal and fraud, has taken place and even after informing the Prime Minister, no action has been taken against the officers involved with cooperation of recruitment boards.
You will both laugh and cry about this. No action was taken on the complaints of the candidates whose jobs were given on the basis of back doors and fake documents, but some of them were put on contract again even after their retirement. It's a matter of old dictum "one pant, two hinges"
बहुत कुच्छ लूटा है ज़माना वालों ने।
भरष्टाचार को बढ़ावा दिया है ईमानदारों ने
The people of this world have looted a lot.
Honest people have promoted corruption
Where unemployed youth across the country are yearning protesting for their employment avenues at the same time, retired employees are being called back to jobs at cheap rates again without making any advertisement of such vacant posts to end the crisis of unemployment across the country and this time thousands number of vacancies are lying vacant without to fill them
On one hand, their pensions have been increased, while on the other hand, retired employees have got new contracts in their respective departments while exploitation continues in the government offices like the side business.
Whenever anyone asks hon’ble Prime Minister shri Narendra Modi,ji he says that our intentions are clear Everybody's company will help in everybody's growth. SAB KA SAATH SAB KA VIKAS”
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