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Panun Kashmir organises Tele-conference; Reconstitutes Human Rights Committee
Jammu,Nov 5,(Agencies) A Meeting of Panun Kashmir was presided over by Ashwani Kumar Chrungoo, President, Panun Kashmir meeting was organised at Jammu-Delhi-Coimbatore-Boston-Alwar today.
The meeting reconstituted the Human Rights Committee of Panun Kashmir in view of the ensuing onerous responsibilities of the Panun Kashmir in this context. On the occasion, Lt. General (Retd.) P.S.Mehta, AVSM & PVSM formally joined Panun Kashmir. Along with him, those who joined Panun Kashmir included Prof. K.L.Bhatia, former Head of the Department-Law, Jammu University and Dr. Rajat Mitra, Author, Human Rights Activist and famous Psychologist.
The President of Panun Kashmir declared the reconstitution of the Human Rights Committee in the tele-conference meeting as:
Lt. General (Retd.) P.S.Mehta: Chairman
Dr. Rajat Mitra: Member & Human Rights Expert
Prof. K.L.Bhatia: Member & Constitutional Expert
Dr. Shiben Krishen Raina: Member & Expert on Literature
Sanjay Kaul-Boston: Member & Chairman, Overseas Affairs
Utpal Kaul: Member & Expert on History of Kashmir
Virender Raina: Member & Political Expert
Ashwani Kumar Chrungoo: Ex-officio Member
It was resolved in the meeting that the Committee would follow up the efforts of Panun Kashmir at UN and UNHRC level and will also explore possibilities of joining hands with those forces who would be interested to pursue the cause jointly. Next, it was also decided to reprint the Panun Kashmir accredited Human Rights and Political document, “Kashmir Documentation: Pandits in Exile”on priority since its demand has arisen over last some years at various levels.
Ashwani Kumar Chrungoo, President, Panun Kashmir while addressing the Tele-conference said that the recent statement of the Secretary General-UN, Antonio Guterres is a highly appreciable effort of the UN. His statement said that, “India is a country in which there are human rights violations but it is a vibrant democracy in which human rights are much more respected than in many other countries of the world. So we need to look at India not focused on one single aspect but on the whole. And on the whole I am proud to have very solid cooperation with India. I want that cooperation to become bigger and bigger. I believe the increase of the influence of India’s voice in the world is very important for us.” He further said , “It is important to underline that India today is a fundamental pillar of a multi-polar world and is essential partner of the UN. India is today a fundamental leader…..and totally committed to Sustainable Development Goals.”
The indigenous people of Kashmir, the Kashmiri Pandits who are forced to live as refugees in their own country have already asked for a dedicated session of the UNHRC on displaced Kashmiri Pandits. It has further asked the UNHRC to correct its report on India which stands already rejected by India, many human rights bodies and also Panun Kashmir.
Lt. General P. S. Mehta in his speech said that the way the Indian representative in India’s Permanent Mission to the UN has responded recently to the Pakistan envoy is highly appreciable. The world needs to know in the changed global scenario as to what extreme ideologies supported by the State apparatus can do with the peace loving people of the conflict zones. The displaced population of the Jammu and Kashmir state necessitates to rise and ask for its due with loud voice at national and international level. Homeland in Kashmir is an appropriate demand that will have to be supported by the Indian masses and the political class of the nation. The nitty-gritty of the election politics cannot overshadow the real humanitarian and national issues which need urgent attention and possible solution. The newly constituted Human Rights Committee will do its job with commitment and the required dedication.

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