Tuesday, September 17, 2019
Conceivably you have read the yellow pages of the book but your eyes never have taken a trip of “yellow Journalism” en route for fool around in the history of Journalism in Jammu and Kashmir. Side Street of new approach of Journalism has move up all barracks is now out of question for panel of judges to convey the memo next time.
That the lineup panels of judges of the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India have freshly enclosed the beyond belief shocked grievances by way of media the 4th Pillar of democracy. However the boards of adjudicators not be acquainted with that in the upcoming days they would powerless to get across the equivalent terminology or lingo for the reason of the unsettled bug that has fashioned predicament and evils inside the present newspaper writing across the state.
That nowadays the time for learning teaching practice method of participation for newspaper writing in the state of Jammu and Kashmir is moderately infinite and poles apart from what has went before.
You will be dumbfound to know that there are number of illiterate masses including hawkers being prop up towards the non conversant approach of Journalism and predominantly they do not have quality to check their newspapers The shameful act of state deeds are cause of concern. The long tall claims of present government to strengthen the transparency in every manner are nothing mere an eye washes within natives and community.
The word ‘PRESS” (PUBLIC RELATIONS ESSENTIAL SOCIAL SERVICE) having now a day’s new-fangled connotation and gist (PUBLIC RESOURCES ENDURE FOR SELF STRUCTURE) There are approximately more than 300 periodicals registered from Jammu Division and up to more than 300 periodicals registered from Kashmir Divisions getting undue benefits by extracting the public funds from the state exchequer by help of shady insincere two-faced officials illegitimately. The long tall claims of 4th pillar of democracy are falling by means of unfortunate and underprivileged organism in the state machinery and mechanism.
It has been also alleged that number of highly blue eyed influential publications get a hold of non reckoned benefits from the part of government and has earned black money continuously from the past of several years. Unconfirmed Sources revealed that those tender notices got published in the publications of those publishers who successfully make arrange to get the tenders in favour of them. Such double shift minded Journalists are interestedly not so much educated to have capacity of quality writing but has demonstrated the earning method by help of his kind supporters in the administration.
While there are number of rear media reporters although not assign among them the opportunities to serve or improved the better service for the social order or for the civilized society. It has been pointed out that such take care of journalists have been mentally tortured or otherwise harassed by the people of its great lobby between the authorized accountable in charge officers and printing press owners that alarming the great misfortune happenings for the people of J&K state. . By this kind of journalism the crime graph in J&K has been ostensibly grown-up the rear Journalists being forced to leave their profession in one pretext to other.
Exposed by extensively saying more that there are insufficient Printing presses to grip and hold the printing of more than 600 hundred daily routine wise publications of the state and each publication viewing their circulation beyond the expectations from printing presses. The overload work on the owners of printing press knows how they hold their printing in short span of time for making the publications available for attendance within government offices especially in J&K information department and Press information Bureau government of India. The owners of printing press have made the multiple progresses by day and night as unseemly manner and improper way.
There is need of Enquiry and postmortem against those who are in charge and accountable for prowling the tolerably public wealth and capital for their vested interest.
The new era in the history of Journalism in Jammu and Kashmir sketch out the chart of expenditures in use of Centre government to make available the funds for the state of J&K in absence of its own resources. The inventory catalog periodicals of J&K are intolerable everyday expenditures on centre management though also not sentient to check those points where its slips up.
Every year worth crores of rupees has been put into the river of Jhelum as squander money due to lack of honesty and frankness. More and more publications bring into play their exercise on non state policy base theory of regulation’ movement being yet not identified or banned but instead of all above these such type of publications have been encouraged and prop up with financial support in shape of advertisement or by the sort of gratify to delight them.
Unyielding the cover on advertisement scam the accountable authorized bureaucrats has number of publications within their relations or families and shifting the irrational as well as absurd budgetary allotment benefits in favor of them.
Excluding all above facts what's more to say that there is number of families having more than 3 to 6 publications indoors within them by expand of bogus circulation from Jammu and Kashmir in the essence of non specific and poor printing.
In mid year of 2017 ninety more publications from J&K get empanelled status unfairly for the support of government advertisements. An earlier to make public the said list already the number of handwritten (litho type) meaningless and non readable publications have withdrawn crores of rupees from state exchequer by high caliber of either influence or by virtue of commission foundation basis.
While as number of plaything teddy bear like publications recollections the story of Hare and tortoise and devoid of bring out any issue has successfully got the empanelment grade and become recipients from the supervision regime. The record has been scratched to conceal all evidences for crafted a way for frisking from investigating agencies.
To promote the yellow Journalism in the state the involved in large number of employees in administration never been transferred or to be relocated anywhere since from last approximately more than 30 years to 40 years now having superior quality of possessions and belongings at hand.
It is also on board that number of publishers has chosen this profession as a part time business across the state and several among them are class of shopkeepers, milkman’s, transporters tenderer etc and lack of knowledge of newspaper journalism are successively involved themselves in new kind of review Journalism without any trepidation.
Remarkably even though the new advertisement policy the answerable detective office holders are quiet silent over the perceptive subject matter. The media liabilities have been modified and publicize into the shocking hands is a matter of grave concern.
Sometimes opposed to patriotism material is obtainable by circulate and make public in amid to lack of inspection or scrutiny. The pandemonium in state assembly elected representative at anytime being stay put in headlines of newspaper writing against the policy of state.
In the black glass upright vehicles the number of yielded journalists in Jammu and Kashmir is constantly tripping the passages something unlikely is part of yellow journalism.
If we make a clean breast related the story of designer journalists we make you aware that they are in active to get the benefits of disrepute the ethics and principles of journalism that has to build en route for fool around in the history of Journalism in J&K.
From substructure to crown accountable in charge officers are conceivably pretend the ignorance but one member among of empanelment committee Mr. K.B J), KB Jandial former member J&K public service commission (PSC)has resigned from the chairmanship of a committee formed to oversee/implement the contents of Government advertisements in the State in terms of the guidelines of the Supreme Court.
He quotes “I even visited the Information Department twice in this regard and suggested calling a preliminary meeting to sort out modalities for its effective functioning. Regrettably till date, there has been no response, whatsoever”, he said, adding, “I have been noticing that some of the official advertisements published in the newspapers appear to be in violation of Supreme Court approved guidelines”.He regretted. On these grounds, he has tendered his resignation from the chairmanship of the non-functional committee.
The query raised up whether decision of his resign would impact on the situations to overhaul or refurbish to make the media literally all-rounder and meaningful to obligate its charisma in terms of aspiration of exact state policy. Although the Word “PRESS” is being rubbed and composed worthless to subject in Jammu and Kashmir .Due to all these facts it would be unfeasible for panel of judges to convey the memo next time.
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