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Pose government to Stop the injustice with KP community:-S.K Bhat
New Delhi 01 February 2018:-(chief Bureau)
The national party president of Vistasta Sangarsh Samiti New Delhi Mr. Shiv Kumar Bhat has asked the centre as well as state government to stop the injustice attitude towards the minority community Kashmiri Hindus shortly. While addressed the congregation party meet held in New Delhi early this morning he conveyed and warning the both state as well centre government the minority community Kashmiri Hindus will not tolerate or accept any in discriminated attitude further any more.
He said on this occasion that the BJP-PDP coalition government of state of Jammu and Kashmir has betrayed and deceived the community at large. The Situation of minority community is very run down and ramshackle due to apathetic attitude consideration of the both parties. He alleged that the both federal parities are applying the vote ballot policy for the personnel benefit and gains while the minority community has given heartache and pain.
Mr Bhat further stated that the minority community having the knowledge of everything surroundings around them but the nonviolent and passive calm community not wish for to disturbed the government over the state based politics. He urges upon the government for enhancement of cash relief on priority basis for the survival meet up of the community.
The VSS national president said more that it is shameful act for the present BJP rule government that internally displaced minority community Hindus belongs to Kashmir are facing a lot of suffering due to avoidable circumstances and unruliness activities the government. He further asserted that large number of families is dependable on meager amount of cash relief being provided to them from account of Prime Ministers relief fund and present state government is not sharing their helping hand to community.
While was affirming in a row the resources of funds subscribed for or donated to majority community in valley in diverse and poles part via of flagship programmes of central government Mr Bhatt stated it is unbearable and painful act behavior of government the youth of minority community is being miserable and unhappy. He said more that the government has not any policy to inhabit this community at any cost and large numbers of educated unemployed youth have crossed overage limits are not able to get employment opportunities at this moment and is act of murder towards the national possessions of future. He stressed upon the government to bind upon the democratic structure with equal law and equity of justice.
He said that time has gone now to faith over this type of structure of government are accountable for to discriminated the community in the large extent. He warned that if the government will not make awake or attentive the party will not leave behind to move towards the international court for seeking justice.
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