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4th pillar of democratic system hijacked ---!
Thousand crores of Indian currency draws on promotion of terrorism in state
Jammu 05 February, 2018
By Ashok Raina
You will get shocks after you go through this report and would find yourself entirely unsafe in the hands power of management and will forced you to imagine and believe the actually happenings around you.
Be alive mindful my group to know these facts in time approximately around you. In case you drop or slip it by possibility you have to pay the heavy price tag for the motherland. The grand challengeable position has been carried on since from the last more than several years and space of designer journalists have been fully grown-up step by step mostly in India .The ritual practice has been track on from the state of Jammu and Kashmir.
No doubt the new law was enacted for to control and check this nuisance and peril but corruption in responsible subdivisions broke down the ladder and equipments of machinery makes hard-hitting time to stumble upon with the come to pass situation.
The control agencies bestowed with the wrong impression to higher powers that be unacquainted and oblivious for fault to find out where there is tumble for an earlier rectification. Every one knows it very well that if any pillar of building would obliterate or to knock down the edifice or structure of that building would not be able to live in devotedly. The part of movement sponsor terrorism from along the other side of LOC has mistreat as bug to cut off the road of enlighten groups with effect to make people hopelessness from the presentation and performance of newspaper writing. It is spot on that movement of terrorism throw -outs Patriotic journalism in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. Thus you can’t disagree with this fact that 4th pillar of democracy is previously hijacked.
The militancy trigger switched on state of Jammu and Kashmir more and more Urdu knowing Journalists has been generally asked by the several Outfit militant organizations to engrave the word“ Halak” for Killed instead of word “shaheedi” (Martyr ) to an army men who scarifies their lives for their own nation . In case of extermination of any militant or terrorist during an encounter should be trendy with words just like “ Shaheedi” (Martyr) or “Jaanbhaq” and for terrorist or militant word “Mujahedeen” be used in that order
The impact of dictation for promotion of Separatism view of thought the number of stories against brave army men get publicizing without any investigating reporting from the part of responsible journalists making news item for negotiator publications.
The call “chalo “or scheduled hit strike Programmes of Separatists movement is usually being given space on priority basis often on front pages of periodicals. That by making these publications economically sound the high powered committee within management administration is demonstrating their involvement by means of their unlock range mysteriously.
The vocabulary list of words for utilization in the allied periodicals for Urdu knowing journalists is liberated and let go to make exciting activity to understandable like as “ Dehshat Gard” to Jangjoo or an Eskreyat Pasand. The other distinguished words in Urdu noori Nastaliq which happen to the fashionable because of non proper checkup within times are like as; Hazibul-Ikhtilaf, Ayetdal Pasand, Lashkar, Mujhadeen , jammat-ul-Dawa, Lashkar Jihad,Lashkar Toiba, Jaish-Mohmmad and Alumer-mujahdeen etc. These words ultimately become more imperative and operational across the country. The foundation of these words come across as well as acknowledged from the state of Jammu and Kashmir. The designer journalist lift up these words passionately from fellow city dweller of Pakistan and Jammat Dawa and other militant out organizations make and pick to breed for expansion of intimidation among the general public.
If you go through the literature of J&K Information department you get surprise that saffron color supported PDP government have promoted all those publications meant for bring into play inflammable words and phrases asked to them from confrontational group of organizations.
Generally the utilization of those words or sentences commonly by the Urdu Journalists are misleading and make fool around situations against the race of human kind causes of depression, alarm of trepidation, horror and terror among the innocent people of the sovereign state.
The number of publications for Jammu and Kashmir is publishing objectionable articles, news items and other related features for back-up of terrorism in state. It has been vibrantly eye-opener that articles or news items against the countries America, Iseral including other superior states like India fighting against terrorism is being usually to be printed or got publishing devoid of any make sure to mark out by the active investigation agencies.
That freedom of Press does not mean that you prop up the fundamentalist’s theory of evaluation and would expand hazardous, risky circumstances within the state of affairs.
The crazy government has not imposed the ban or censorship on explosive purposeless words or sentences but has encouraged and promoted those publication being involved in for to engrave deliberately. The vested interest of vote ballot business is a matter of grave concern. The settlement of treaty with sovereignty is great blunder of time.
The RTI answerable officers are habitual for violation of the official position criminally and have hidden the valuable information to take care of journalists. After all the replies are not matching perfectly with the ground report put forward by those bureaucrats before the J&K broad-spectrum General assembly on 2nd February 2018 correspondingly
Thousand crores of Indian currencies have been make use of fun and excitement for the promotion of the upsurge pressure groups as well as lobby groups within the state. Under the very tall conspiracy the economic resources to pro national Publications is discontinued while have been transmitted the same into the accounts of non state policy based publications by help of the powerful committee for unknown and mysterious reason.
Under the constitution of India the News publications are make lawfully considerations of official government Gazette and should not have necessarily as color printing or excess of any fixation of Pages up to scores for a round table management of desk.
New advertisement Exploitation policy of state in the year 2016 has given priority to Score pages Journalism instead of ground quality reporting. The nativity of Illiterate masses Journalists has given more confidence to egg on for non realization purpose. The cost-effectively sound via of corruption practices results yellow journalism. To heighten their score up to 31 pages by some publications is now challengeable task for the security agencies to examine all for to track the locations of illegal reporting.
The state exchequer and public purpose money has been looted in day broad light by the few guilty hackers are entirely responsible for hijacking the 4th pillar of democracy by assist of pink crimson supporters to be had in powerful administration.
Out of the Kashmir valley belt area of state the word “PRESS” is paying high prize due to number of designer journalists have fully matured and adopted the practice theory of non based state affairs publications for their vested interest.
Those owners having more than 3 to 6 Publications inside their families have recognized their comeback status in Information department strangely as well as furtively.
The valley based publications are getting fully expansion of economic budget for the promotion of separatism theory of thought for adoption of all-round mechanism across the state.
The official Gazette of J&K government has confirmed that during the BJP-PDP Joint rule of 4 years Pro –separatists’ outlook publications and dishonestly publications across the state are getting marginal economic package by means of contribution of advertisement benefits. .Zero circulated as well as meaningless litho hand written publications from Kashmir Division also got promotions for more enlargement of Separatists theory of evaluation with pleasingly results.
This is the first instance since after Indian independence the pro-national activist’s journalists being controlled while theory of Pro-separatism evaluation of thought pedestal publications with other illiterate masses claimers journalists got high promotions.
Underneath very towering plotted scheme the sovereignty of state has been put into danger with the support of few within powered committee. These are the reasons to known every one that in the present crazy government 4th pillar of democratic system exclusively hijacked. Thousand crores of Indian currency in shape of advertisement benefits draws on promotion of terrorism in the state. The settlement of treaty with sovereignty is great blunder of time.
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