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Burglar broken shutters decamped with cash and costlier items in Jagti
Jammu 06 Feb, 2018(correspondent)
At the distance of mere just about 14 kms away from the smart city Jammu the robbers broken the shutters of several shops placed in the migrant colony Jagti town ship in the paramount hours of darkness during the first week and beginning calendar of existing month. The burglars fruitfully decamped with money, coins including costlier items.
While has furnished the details on cellular phone to this press Shopkeepers Association of the locality has strongly condemn over such cowardice act as well as for off-putting approach mind people and said that it is not first time that the migrant self employment structure unit holders being psychologically make sufferer but such type of events have taken place number of times an earlier also. The president of Association Mr. Ajay Kumar has clued-up and said more that there is lack of security arrangements in the vicinity and since the laypeople made grumble and grievances before the police authorities several times but no anyone has been arrested so for.
Shopkeeper Holders strongly stipulated that police should rummage around to trace soon all those punishable persons be involved in the sensitive matter so that in upcoming days such act of event not come about again and again. The association noted that police powered weight has taken the samples of finger Prints though were immersed on conked out locks after the registration of FIR No 20/2018 in the local police station. The President of Association further asserted that it is not impracticable for all to trace those shoplifters in the present gear up equipment technique as well as mode of Aadhar registrations but there should sincerity among the answerable powers.
Shopkeeper Association cautions supervision management related to over line up afflict taken place and whispered that if the management fails to trace the chargeable individuals the whole populace will come on roads
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