Saturday, March 23, 2019
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Performance and production of legislative body in state of J&K itchy to eye for their character and job task role in slapstick, herald contestant manner “Pakistan Murdabad – Pakistan Zindabad is not barely an act of misfortune or tragedy in narration but are recollections of those substances mount up from the defiant lobbyist marcher systematize from very long period of time undesirably in the special grade state.
I feel necessitate to call for your attention to realize with large extent about the certainty of your first-rate selected representatives and their compassion as well deepest and sociable relations with you.
It was unsurprising from the present coalition BJP-PDP supervision rule when foremost folio of their comedy chapter has begun with release of one infamous self involved in number of militant activities Masrat Ul-Alam was flouting as headlines of the sunlight hours.
After the admission already made out by separatist Hurriyat leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani PDP patron and CM of J&K Mehbooba Mufti is now together with sound obedient daughter of Kashmir has rebuff the support of National conference and Congress Party at some stage in the formation of government. Make active her brainpower and probably Mufti was perfect by means of her political experience. In the end she grows to doing well in favour of her populace and decided to alliance with appetite for canon BJP merrymaking at that juncture.
Secondly hungers for command in J&K the BJP party men were not conscious of this fact that they would not make their grade within their vicinity where from the gains. The unproductive of alliance partner BJP mission telling the tearful commentary on J&K assembly.
The people on the electoral roll supporting BJP party are not significant in expressive that under what circumstances or situations their council having their concord and harmony with PDP good cheer and become the part of itchy to eye with catchphrase “PAKISTAN ZINDABAD-PAKISTAN MURDABAD around the J&K state congregation.
It is finding out and gains the knowledge for everyone that each emissary prior to doorway the weight off your feet in cabinet or state assembly not been tolerable lack of oath or swear words under Indian constitution. Consistently an oath ceremony is being held after every elections or bye elections before the presence of his the Excellency of Governor of state. Later to hoist up and elevate the slogan like as” Pakistan Zindabad” by any legislature in presence of speaker of the nationalist realistic BJP party has unwrap the party pose trapped in lens of camera demonstrated the itchy to eye for their temperament personality of spirit and make up.
On the other side it is noticed the nationalist Party BJP is facing charges of allegations for disqualifications of 20 members of Aam Aadmi Party in New Delhi to make political triumph over Kejrewal Government in the national capital for the vested interest of politics.
That unkindness is that those among involved in malice practice in state congregation is frankly come to approach and confess by one national conference senior leader Mr. Akbar Lone and member of legislative assembly has not been disqualified or suspended for to hoist up the slogan like as “” Pakistan Zindabad” from his primary membership nor his close political companionship has launched FIR against him.
That fashion of insolence the state assembly is recorded so many times the behavior of several other legislatures in worship place like one more legislature Engineer Ab.Rashid is also not found sound recorded in an ethical or decent way but what under circumstances the coalition partner BJP involved in conciliation or pacification is matter of grave concern.
The dubious projectile of senior NC leader Mr. Akbar Lone motto was conceivably to obtain his berth permanently in state assembly once more during the next coming elections to be held in the year of 2019-20.This was the reason that he make the link with his voter; component by saying “Pakistan Zindabad” in very comedy and constant manner. It is ashamed of that during the BJP-PDP governance in the state the catch phrase “PAKISTAN ZINDABAD –PAKISTAN MURDABAD” become funny comedy that had itch the eye of observers.
Political trend of Mr. Akabar Lone was just recorded and detected during the course of action against assailants in Sujwon army camp where the number of troublemakers were being killed subsequent to more than five security personnel laid down their arms to strengthen the sovereignty and tranquility. It is significantly to say here that on the same day recorded event from the other side of LOC the president of Pakistan was subject to orders against most wanted Hafiz Syed after put up the pressure under diplomatic results but it is learnt that Mr. Akbar lone was psychologically expressing shred of crocodile tears to howl “PAKISTAN ZINDABAD”
It is obviously and makes it clear that Mr. Akbar lone has craft political stunt with intention to make undying breathing space in state assembly for the next coming elections but was unaware of his stunt towards the outcome of his message that spreads within minute that he has disrespected all ethics and principles in large congregation for his vested interest of politics. The head of congregation and speaker of assembly from BJP party composed silence over this issue and has not inscribed some lines due to unfilled ink should addicted to his pen
You may be surprise to known the facts that in large gathering thousand number of populace from District Kupwara in Kashmir were protesting against the Pakistan during taken out last rite rally procession for Martyrs of local brave army men and were bring into play the catch Phrase of Slogan “PAKISTAN MURDABAD” and recognized harmonize and match up their reverberations with other legislatures in state assemblage in the same point of time.
If you dear go through the sweat to-do list dairy of state assembly you feel rant and rave of temper by means of lie to or disloyal to about of those commitments and promises has make sure and guaranteed by your delegate spokesperson during the last election manifesto. To put the wool over the one’s eye the malfunction play up control management has drop and disappointed you in the midst of “PAKISTAN ZINDABAD-PAKISTAN MURDABAD to subsequently get the possibility of opportunity under common minimum programme for their berths once more in next coming willpower elections.
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