Saturday, June 19, 2021
Children of separated parents:-Kiran Raina
Children of separated parents:-
Such kids, i say, are most unfortunate. But it isn't anything of their doing but of their irresponsible parents. Just imagine and see the scene, through the eyes of the kid, who has either not the dad or not the mom with him, but somewhere away, living and alive. Children's personality develops during childhood. Not to speak abut developing confidence, personality of children of such broken families, these kids suffer depression and neglect and it shows in their development, temperament. Parents, either need to live together and have kids or decide to bear no kids, if their marriage is not certain to survive for some time. By having kids and then abandoning them, sort of, is the greatest disservice to the children.If you minutely observe the disposition of such kids, they are silent, quiet, remain away or aloof and look like have had never a smile on their faces. I had the misfortune of visiting one such family and felt so bad after i learnt the parents were living separate and each had one kid to take care of. Parents live together or separate , they have no right to divide the children among them and keep the two flowers separate in different pots. Their eyes look blank, their future can not be bright as they can not excel in studies or in any other field. Taking away a child from his parents means psychological torture for the child. Such children struggle all their lives with anxiety and depression. Physical separation or even an idea of possible separation of parents, exposes young minds to so much of stress and the trauma stays for the whole life.Such kids suffer from behavioral and emotional problems. In day to day activity, we can find loss of appetite, broken sleeps, an attitude of withdrawal. The kids of broken families are prone to developing negative thoughts which have negative effects.
(views shared by Mr. Kiran Raina on social site fb)
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