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Mehbooba Mufti packed down BJP
“Sometimes I wonder you could be stupider” Written by Ashok Raina
How close is the close of proximity? But nobody does not own in comparative politics. The obvious reference point now and the BJP face the future. Skilled in public relations the daughters of Kashmir Mehbooba Mufti has picked up goal setting alternative so much extra choice unambiguously and have come up with some intriguing insights believe that choices are “ good “ for her local populace with an idea of some things you enjoy doing.
I was just a toddler when I saw her accompanied with her father Mufti Mohammad Syed as not only learner politics but as an apprentice to know fully about the meaning of word politics in its dictionary with audio pronunciations and usage examples. We’ve heard it all before: the youth of today are not engaged or interested in politics, and who can blame them? The vision of senior cycle education sees the learner at the centre of the educational experience.
That wakeup is what sent me exploring is that if you want to do something meaningful so stop wasting your time. The lack of experience within BJP corridor naturally impact on what they have studied at college or university and what job they go on to in the future not far away from anyone.
As you watch “politics of Art” take notes that Local BJP leaders failed to tackled adequately as and when the BJP gets the mandate to govern the state as well as nation. The well educated citizens did give chance to Dr. Nirmal Singh along with his party members to fight for the cause of nation. Although BJP had a full of sense how to track on the tunnel to reach the destination or have fun walking and walking.
I suppose the reason for my political apathy was because things had always gone not favorable “Too many things are happening too fast “where cow politics may turn out to be the X factor this time. One of the most frustrating things I ‘vet observed in BJP that they fail in the strategic merit test followed by they are not transport specific but they sit above the transport. Unfortunately in their governance there is no any formula to keep any on monitoring system however situate a question for answer that “ is policy rate the only instrument for achieving inflation target? Hence the BJP deceived the people of state in the figure of fabricated lectures and messages.
Understandably, Mehbooba Mufti the chairperson of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has always taken a particular interest in its closet neighbors. Equally understandably, expression of this concern have not made possible by BJP leaders within their breathing space.
In particular, the state BJP leaders which had set itself a stunning target to formulate the government in J&K in any manner but not carry forward other confidence building measures in their respective zones and as such the BJP party given the birth of new word “confrontationist” politics is on debate these days and people are saying “that the aim of BJP is to form a BJP.” To get votes by misleading people on the basis of lectures in the country for free and free of cost to the BJP which is impossible and in next coming elections the BJP never gains across the state.
Since after 1947 it generally seems that political relationships within the state of Jammu and Kashmir being directly or indirectly involved with centre basic policies or programmes. The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi has been attempting to depict the picture of improving the situation of Kashmir lack of equity justice with Jammu and Ladakh. Worth thousand crore rupees were sanctioned under PM special economical package to Kashmir for their rehabilitation. Eid Milan , Diwali and other celebrations also were distinguished in Kashmir beside the employment package flagged off in the valley while as very downtrodden and educationally poor people of Ladkah and Jammu division being ignored on discriminatory lines. Modi may have done the first, but despite being in power for three years, he has completely failed to meet the second.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi promised many radical structural economic reforms including ease of doing business, inflation control , fiscal deficit, job creation and revival of manufacturing sector –that seems to have been delivered with the exception of job creation on which India has, so for , failed to perform as expected. Many analyst say the year started with the economy reeling under demonetization, hitting small business, besides bringing down infrastructure, including real estate, to its knees.
Unemployment has risen and the corporate sector has taken a hit .Hindered thousand number of youth attained overage limits during the tenure period of BJP government across the country. While in comparison to this in Kashmir government Job making is being unbolted for stone pelters and gun lifters after with this assurance to go away from their militant activities.
Wrong policies of Central level BJP party of assignment is also another factor for state BJP leaders to go down in the eyes of their local populace. The delivered lectures by Hon’ble PM are not of surety to have got implemented. Number of farmers makes their suicide for disloyal commitments by the present governments.
Separatists leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani admitted this fact by saying that” Mehbooba Mufti is the daughter of Kashmir.” perfectly has done first-rate superior accomplishments for Kashmir region after she make a funny tie up cooperation with BJP leaders for her vested interest of politics and left behind the lesson for National conference and Congress with rejection of their support for formation government and makes challengeable tasks for both parties in next coming elections to be held in the year of 2019. While as the BJP team leader with his other colleagues fails to provide the better service to the people of Jammu and Ladakh region.
I also got surprised when way of life think tank Mehbooba Mufti makes a surprise visit at Government Medical College Jammu and took the stock of situation and admitted first time that the work culture of the BJP health Minister is underprivileged and unfortunate. She specifically made out that BJP’s work is entirely unsatisfactory witness and authentication thus make the BJP party more amusing and funny of joys before the public at large. Thus the cunning lady Mehbooba Mufti packed down the BJP but national party claiming that:-
“Good days come
Will wander and make merry
अच्छे दिन आ गये
घूमेंगे नाचेंगे ऐश करेंगे और क्या”
However sometimes I wonder you could be stupider to suppose this.
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