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Could unfamiliar terminology “Sharda” boost accurate corridor:-WRITTEN BY ASHOK RAINA
You get surprise when did you know about those people who actually not knows absolutely the meaning of word “Sharda” but would like to give you an idea about an imaginary line beyond the line of actual control and out of dream thinking . “The ancient temple is located in Neelam (Kishanganga) valley in Pakistan occupied Kashmir. Lament for that “sharda” the said people has never contemplated to think or considered to setup the “Sharda educational Institute” for promotion and all-round development of their culture, ethnicity, customs and traditions at anywhere in Jammu or outside Jammu.
It is great heartbreak for very sensitive Kashmiri pandit community that they are not interested in what phenomenon is particularly something like within them in everyday schedule. Fascinatingly put in the picture of those facts to be conversant and wonderful for you that SAVE SHARDA COMMITTEE has been surprisingly formed with intention to raise the sharda Mata Pilgrimage issue with the Government for struggle and opening sharda pilgrimage “said MLC Ramesh Arora and Girdhari Lal Raina during applauded the dedication work of Ravinder Pandita as well as Vinod Pandit chairman APMCC and King Bharati. The number of devotees and VIPs offered flowers on shilas received from POK and has given greetings to all my dear brethren.
True and fact is that kashmiri Pandits alleges that the cremation ground of Sagam in Anantnag district has been taken over by the government to construct a forest check post and a primary health centre.
कस्तूरी कुंडल बसे मृग ढूँढत बन माहि ।
ज्यों घट घट में राम हैं दुनिया देखत नाहि ।।
Kasturi kundal base, mrag dhundhat ban mahi
Jyo ghat ghat ram hai, duniya dekhe nahi
The musk is placed in the navel of the musk deer. And when he gets the aroma of the musk, he takes off running around the jungle in its pursuit. He does not know that the musk is hidden like those people searching for Mata Sarswati beyond the line of actual control. In other words “A deer has the fragrance in itself and runs throughout the forest for finding it. Similarly Ram is everywhere but the world does not see.
It is an unfortunate to say that Kashmiri Pandits became a victim of intrigue. Under the high pitched conspiracy within the community confusion has been created intention to develop puzzlement and misunderstanding among literate community. The reasons behind are given the birth of number of howl organizations at this time without any outcome of positive results. Everyone knows that different thoughts and feelings can be "held" in different structures that cannot keep up and allow for the evolution of innovative management and production techniques accurately and appropriately.
We have no one agenda, we have no representation in assembly or in Parliament and maximum and large number of organizations are fixing with number of political parties for their vested interest.” said one KP Migrant on the condition of anonymity. Under these circumstances he left the question for you “could unfamiliar terminology “sharda” boost accurate corridor?
You dear my sweetheart learn and understand that “Sharda “generally means Goddess Saraswati, is of Sanskrit, Indian origin, Name Sharda is a Feminine (or Girl) name. Person with name Sharda are mainly Hindu by religion. Name Sharda belongs to rashi Kumbh (Aquarius) with dominant planet Saturn (Shani) and Nakshatra (stars) Sathabisham.
“Sharda also means Sunlight, Light after Dark”
Although knowing all these possessions but since I properly fitted blindfold prevents sight and sink lots of question into my mind. That those people who are previously failed to mount pressure upon government for passing reference to the shrines and Temples Bill to protect the age old shrines and temples of Kashmiri Pandits in valley how they expect from those politicians about the sure and successful pilgrimage to sharda peet “ beyond the line of actual control in POK
In fact is that Word Sharda is the symbols of our ancient culture and traditions but seems non readable right now .How those people feels after they got touch in their minds by asking that sharda pilgrimage diagram for next arrangement would make successful moreover benefitted for us or otherwise some people utilizing our community youth to run after for their vested interest .In kashmiri there is notable Proverb “GAREH ZUD TEH MASJID CHOONG” Means that One who peaches or talks of morals and ethics does not practice those ideas himself.
You know please that even the historic places in Srinagar have been given new, 'unnatural' names described Hari Parbat as 'Koh-i-Maran' and a ministerial colleague of his had called Shankaracharya Hill 'Sulaiman Tang' .It is a matter of great concern that ASI has given the name as Takht-e-Suleiman .
“Famous Jawala Jee Temple in Khrew a symbol of brotherhood and worship set ablaze on 07 December 2014 mysteriously. That around 62 people of Khrew, who were “first-time offenders”, have been dropped from Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti’s amnesty scheme granted to 4,327 first-time stone-throwers this year recently.
Upto the repot on 04 October 2012 out of the 438 temples in the Valley, 208 had been damaged over the years,” the state government said last time in a written reply to the state assembly. The damage percentage has got elevate and move up since then. No renovations for face lift of any temple in Kashmir valley including very old historical temple Awanti varman the temple of shiva and Vishnu could not get any repairment since the year of 1990 during this BJP as well PDP rule. However large number of our community brethren chanting day night “ Namo Namo- gazandrai –Ek dant zarayachay”……?
You are spiritually intense and can sting or charm. Your name brings love and new starts into life and attracts money. In dealings, you are the creator and promoter of original ideas and usually enjoy considerable promotion of success. But I have put a question once again before you that” “could unfamiliar terminology “sharda” boost accurate corridor?
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