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Fayez Sheryar Promoted out of range non competent public servants
Nation faces great for pleasing attitude. Needs High level probe?
Jammu 06 March (Ashok Raina)
In an organizational structure, assessing an employee's potential for a promotion is often based on their performance in the current job but since the DG AIR Mr. Fayaz Sheryar assumed the office at Akashwani Bhawan in new Delhi the whole administration has been put into great confusion due to day by day disorder happenings. The institute provides excellent accommodation and placement in favour of those who were not entirely entitled.
What stands in the way of you getting that next job promotion wants so badly? However there are factors certainly to get the promotion to be calculating or count up there is so needs of experience, your education and timing. Entitlement is defined as “the feeling or belief that you deserve to be given something but in All India Radio only central department in India the reputed organization have no importance of these factors for the duration of under the capacity of said Director General.
F.Sheheryar Served in Doordarshan Jammu as its Director from between the period of 10-10-2001 and 25.04.2003 while as DDK Jalandhar between 29-04-2003 to 09-05-2005 before he was brought to Delhi Doordarshan’s Headquarters. That before the officer has taken over the charge of Director General All India Radio on 14Ffeb, 2014 he has to given the charge of responsibilities as Addl. Director General in Akashwani Bhawan at New Delhi.
Sources further added more that those official public servants is taking care of his family at his private residence got promotions as out of range though were non competent for their promotions. While received a tip of information on anonymity basis that for working on the grade of one LDC category employee Mr. Nasarullah Ahmed Parray being promoted as to the post of Astt Protocol &Liaison officer at All India Radio in Srinagar similarly as same grade LDC another employee who is looking after his family at Bantalab Jammu without s performing his duties in office Mr. Ranbir Kumar Suri being also got promotion on kind highness of said officer and appointed him as to the post of Astt Protocol Liaison officer at Doordarshan Kendra Jammu out of range unlawfully.
Not only is this but under his capacity and guidance number of retirement officer being re-appointed illegitimately and unconstitutionally. The number of employees to the post of Transmission Executives General & Production being appointed in the absence of required qualification and in the absence of taking any participation in competitive examinations to be held every year by the central recruitment agency i.e., Staff Selection commission. Sources reveals further and says that if the investigation will carry on all around the period of existence of said officer in the organization there would be trace on the number of other scams like as extraction of funds by means of dishonestly manners in the renewed broadcasting cooperation across the country.
Sources told to this press on anonymity basis that generally misuse of government transportation is being uses up almost for their home as well as using his all nears and dears with other including officers working in organization along with all dependents from time to time . They said more that it is a matter of grave concern that there is gross of violation and misuse of powers always being adopted by such an authority apart from corruption prevailing circumstances. It is therefore time needs that there should be proper enquiry investigation against the said culprit officer.
Draw closer the other notice received from one colleagues on anonymity basis and disclosed that there are number of IAS officers available in Akashwani Bhawan and Doordarshan Kendra in New Delhi but due to helplessness all are working under his capacity and charge allegedly by means of pleasing attitude behavior of the present government has thus caused responsible for creation of great challengeable situation for the nation being forced to live as such. Not only has this that said officer had high political approach within the Modij’s government.
While some other allegations being leveled upon him from other sides that it is amazing to known for you that non –influence and non approachable people never being allowed to serve in the said organization particularly in AIR station at Jammu and AIR station in Srinagar stations and for transfer to any employee from poonch, Badherwah and District Doda is not possible without a number of exchange of coins to offer. These are the reasons number of retirement personalities being re-appointed for same posts without any further advertisement since from a lot of period.
According to complaint it has been found that more and more public servants received several injuries in his capacity with acknowledgement of an unnecessarily harassment.
Put the matter before public and pointed out finger against Present DG AIR by the general working class groups of the organization and demands the high level probe against him with approaches to show the indulgence in matter far that how such responsible key note and high rank officer has misused his official position and provided the outrange promotions and appointments in favour of blue eyed people unlawfully. The numbers of helplessness employees passed the remarks over the government of India led by its Hon’ble Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra and told “ That this government utterly fails to handle and control on corruption in the federal state and people has been forced to face the same .

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