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Command and control management all India radio and door darshan killed under plot
A gateway network use routing paths to control the hand movements
Jammu 11 March 2018(Ashok Raina)
Finger muscles are essential for understanding the control strategies underlying the diverse of management functions. But here we consider new views on the evolution of hand structure responsible for constraints the free control of digits in All India Radio and the under estimated cost plot for one command and control management personality Lassa Koul then Director Doordarshan Kendra was killed for open a new gateway network use routing paths to control the hand movements.
In February 1990, tehreek mujahedeen militants killed Lassa Kaul, Director of Doordarshan Kendra, outside his house in Bemina. Before his killing some militants had visited him in his office and ordered him to stop broadcasting Indian TV Programmes in Kashmir. Ignoring the demands and threats, he had continued to work till he exterminate. At his funeral many Kashmir pandit’s wept but Muslims blamed Mr. Jagmohan the former governor of J&K state for his killing
After the Death of Sh. Lassa Kaul “Naar Hyutun Kanzal Wanas” (Fire in the eyelashes) of well known writer Farooq Nazki a poet, broadcaster and media personality from Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir takes the charges as Director AIR after he has served as the head of Doordarshan in Kashmir in addition to being media advisor to two chief ministers of Kashmir and control over command and management.
The Kind hearted former Director AIR J&K appointed number of non Hindu candidates without any qualifying examinations meant to the post of transmission executive General & Production . The national Language is adopted by the all central governments as Hindi under Article 341 of the Indian constitution but with intention to absorb only the Muslim candidates in AIR stations Mr. Farooq Nazaki falsify counterfeit the documents and have changed the inner work of Mr. Lassa Kaul former Director of Doordarshan and AIR. The vacancy position to the posts of transmission Executive in AIR was shown by then DG AIR Mr. Lassa Kaul only7 posts against the languages Hindi but requisition forwarded by the Mr. Nazki for Urdu and Kashmiri later appointed more than 20 candidates from Kashmir region.
What happened after you don’t believe Mr. Farooq Nazaki was not in sure that the number of Kashmiri Pandit educated unemployed youths are also having the proficiency of knowledge of Urdu and Kashmiri would claim for said posts be the same thing to be that all the candidates both males and females belongs from Kashmir Pandit community qualified both written as well as personality test.
Feelings into fire in the fire Mr. Farooq Nazaki and his successor Mr. Fayaz Sheryar appointed number of non-Hindu candidates according to their aim and aspirations without qualifying any examinations and lack of basic qualifications meant to the post of Transmission Executives. More than 20 candidates absorbed with intention to control the hand movements. Those Kashmiri Pandit and Jammu based Hindu eligible candidates though were selected could not test their abilities in the said AIR stations.
Undoubtedly one candidate Mr. Javed Ahmed Bandey belongs from shaher Khas now in Australia doing his own business there has successfully got the post of Transmission Executive in AIR according to his will and aspirations without qualifying any examinations meant to the said post(s). Unconfirmed report says that Mr. Javed Ahmed Bandey went Australia with having the business schedule against the Indian Sovereign but what is accurate and true known by well power command and control Management of AIR fails to reply the RTI submissions of author.
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