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Most powerful mafia network in media in Jammu and Kashmir.
Racket linking in crores of scam in journalism
Jammu May 02(Ashok Raina)
The fear hit terrorism state of Jammu and Kashmir becomes much more unpleasant, horrible and complicated due to running at present the most powerful mafia media network without any proper checkup. The number of Local groupings is highly engaged in illegal activity is a big crime threat to the state and political, social and economic institutions come under the control of a few families. The situations aroused so much inferior is hard hitting task for government to control it.
The number of employees employed in the historically disciplined association J&K information department and public relations is directly and indirectly involved in an illegal activity, most commonly for the profit. They produce crime groups that operate large number of smaller units within the overall network by bid rigging public projects, counterfeiting public money and embezzlement of government funds in the shape of advertisement and by means of other presentation of miscellaneous expenditures.
The number of groups that whom we call them “gang” criteria united by mutual interests with an internal organization are Committing bankruptcy fraud (also known as "bust-out"), securities fraud or stock fraud (inside trading are looting the public money in hanky pinky manner.
You can’t believe but it is true there are number of families in Jammu Division having large number of publications without any proper checkup are getting monetary gains by involvement of highly responsible officials of Information department. In Jammu Division more than 350 publication being registered and within each and every family approximately having 3 to 8 more publications are enlisted for support of government advertisement by making fools the general public without reaching the same before to the public by means of having very poor circulations. Similarly, in Kashmir Division more than 300 publications being registered are getting the monetary gains from the government without any proper investigation and enquiry as to lime of crores of rupees on government treasury till now.
It is pertinent to mention here that there are number of employees employed in the information department having the number of publications in the names of their family members or close relatives is involved unlawfully for transferring the half of the advertisement budget of state in their family accounts. It is flourish on the desk that after the retirement the said employees running all those publications particularly by themselves.
You will get surprise that some of employees of the information department are conducting their printing of their family publications from those printing press owners having their own publications are getting monetary gains by means of mutual understanding. Those publications showing more than 35ooo to 98000 thousand circulations are not printing more than 30 copies on the date of publications.
Here we have everything to need and realize the activities of journalism in Jammu and Kashmir and the 4th pillars of democracy have been put into danger by the few families in the name of profit and self-interest gains.
Common definitions of terrorism refer only to those violent acts which are intended to create fear (terror) but in the name of prefix word of press the number of designer journalists in the state are involved in unlawful activities are independent and unrestricted for their illegal movements are roaming freely in black glass cars and trains.
Those who don’t know perfectly alphabet’s abc and can’t read their own news publications doing crimes against humanity are blocking the opportunities of rare journalists with mutual understanding and cooperation of employees employed in the department of information and public relations comes under the government of Jammu and Kashmir state.
It is true and cannot ruled out that to stop the one rare journalist of state for to doing his work efficiently for the state and its people is crimes against the civil society and humanity. There are large number of bogus, phony journalists those who don’t know the abc has become the editors and have got the identity cards from the information department and public relation are roaming freely in the state and outside state thus have blocked and cracked the whole culture of journalism in the state of Jammu and Kashmir unlawfully is the matter of grave concern and unfortunate for the people of state and country as well for the nation.
You can’t believe but it is true there are number of side business holders liker as barbers, shopkeepers, bakers, cloth merchants, vegetable frosts, petrol pump owners, utensils business holders having no any touch with profession of journalism has been including in the media list directly and indirectly by the department of information and public relations J&K government while as rare journalists being forced to leave the profession in one pretext to other and even compelling them left for underground.
You dear also get the surprise that the number of employees of information department who serve the said department up to more than 30 years on a single chair or seat without any transfer mode under the umbrella of rich influence within the state never been enquired for the minimum formal investigation related to their activities during their period of service. That due to the most powerful mafia network in media the crime graph of state has roused manifolds at present. Crime groups looking for corrupt public officials in executive, law enforcement, and judicial roles so that their activities can avoid.
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