Sunday, August 1, 2021
What is character?............Written by MK Koul
What is character?...
"A mankind is always interwoven with a character in each and every aspect of one,s life. It is a kind of constitution of a mankind, which needs in every sphere on every mode of one,s life always"
I may like to say that character is what a person truly is, and his reputation is what he is supposed to be when both are same, carrying equity balance. Which is known as the ideal state of being. As per well lettered and talented elements, through which i observed that character means to engrave one,s mode of being in the world. I mean to say that history has been made on the basis of character. Character has also its qualities and features, by which a person is distinguished from another the aggregate of distinguishing mental and moral qualities of an individual or a race as a whole, the stamp of individuality is impressed and inducted, impacted by nature. It may be either habit or education, that which a person or a thing really posses. This for those elements who are keeping the real inclination, aspiration to build the sound character and strengthening the will power, but they are supposed to continue this exercise in order to gain enormous level of elevity and familiarity.
The inner conscious, prevails with the thought and the actions of the individual determines the real character and coincides with the personality of the individual.
The term character is best known, which can cleave through adamantine walls of difficulties and other impediments thereof. The character of a person is the aggregate of his tendencies and the sum total bent of his mind. One,s thoughts live and travel far-off accordingly. Every work that a mankind is doing on every movement of the body, as per a person bears an impression on the mind- stuff. What a person on every movement is determined by the sum total of these impressions. If good impression prevail, the character becomes pious and prevails sweet fragrance. As such , character is that ensemble with actualised qualities of the head and heart of an individual through the help of which he masters facts and forces of life in a creative manner and gradually reaches up to the extent of self- fulfillment also helpful to others as well....
(Note this article has been taken from face book account of sh. MK koul)
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