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Smooth Mata Kheer bhawani yatri in kashmir under promise treaty
Self styled leaders founded in start the contract deal. Panun Kashmir Rebuff the Kashmiri pandit congregation
Srinagar, Jun 11( Agencies+ source) it is an evident from the detailed report got published in Srinagar based publication” The Kashmir monitor” on the first June this year that vividly explains the Mata Kheer Bhawani annual mela celebrations actuality allowed smoothly under the promise of treaty and contract deal between some foreign based self-styled claimed leaders of Kashmiri pandits with some separatists leaders as a part of build confidence among each other.
A Kashmiri Pandit delegation on Tuesday called on APHC chairman Mirwaiz Umar Farooq at his Nigeen residence and said that they do not want to live in separate and segregated colonies as is being suggested by authorities.

Members of the delegation led by Satish Kumar and Nathil Razdan told the Mirwaiz that hundreds like them are extremely eager to return to their homeland and seek his help in this regard.
“We are a group of ordinary Kashmiris and are not affiliated with any organization,” the delegation told the Mirwaiz.

They said that as land prices are much high than since before, they would not be able to afford individual plots and homes, so they suggest that in each district of the valley some land may be allocated to them where they can build affordable flats in which they can live. They said that members of other communities can also buy flats there if they want. They do not want segregation but want to live together.

The delegation told the Mirwaiz that they being a part and parcel of the Kashmir society and its composite ethos, are as much pained by what is happening here as there Muslim brethren. They said that many claim to represent them, but in reality most are exploiting there situation and there deep emotional desire to come back, rather than doing much about it.
Mirwaiz told the delegation that he empathizes with their pining to return and assured them that all Kashmiri Muslims want them to come back and live together as before, as Kashmir belongs to them as much as it does to those who did not leave. He assured them of all help and assistance in their suggestion which he said he found sincere and sensible. He said he will help in building a consensus around it among all segments of people and will try to bring others on board.
“At the end of the meeting it was decided that members of the delegation will stay in touch with the Mirwaiz and work on the idea to concretize it and take it forward,” the statement said
Conceived by the Kashmir Education, Culture and Science Society, the idea behind the reach-out is to remove the trust deficit and restore the confidence of the displaced community before their return to the valley.
“We want to come back and live with our Kashmiri brethren. Kashmiri Pandits and Muslims consider this Yatra as a first step towards the return of Kashmiri Pandits to their homeland,” said Satish Mahaldar, Yatra coordinator.

Thousands of Kashmiri Pandits from Jammu and other parts of the country have visited the shrine to participate in the annual festival. This year four foreigners from US, Bangladesh and UAE will also visited the shrine and join the reconciliation efforts.
“Two pandits will come from Dhaka, one each from UAE and US. They are part of our 160-member strong delegation, who will start the reconciliation process,” said Mahaldar.
Meeting with local community leaders, joint gatherings and press conferences recently are all lined up on the big day to rebuild trust and create an atmosphere of reconciliation.

“We are brothers. We will be meeting Kashmiri community members and appeal them to facilitate our homecoming. We are against any move of settling pandits in clusters. We want to go back to our homes. Though some pandits have sold their houses, we want our Muslims brothers to give us some space to live,” said Mahaldar.
The fresh efforts for homecoming of the migrants have come against the backdrop of the return of 75-year-old Kashmiri pandit businessman Roshan Lal Mawa to his home. Mawa was shot at and injured in 1990, but he always yearned to come back and spent his last years of his life in his homeland.
Official figures reveal that around 41,117 migrant families from Kashmir are registered in Jammu and 21,000 others in Delhi and other states. Of the total migrant families living in Jammu, 37,128 are Hindus, 2,246 Muslims and 1,758 Sikhs.

Figures released by Kashmir Pandit Sangrash Simiti, an apex body of non-migrant pandits, reveal that there are 808 Kashmir pandit families comprising 3451 people who continue to reside in the valley.
“I fail to understand why some elements call for removing Article 370. Who are they going to settle here? We want Kashmiri Muslims to help us in our homecoming”, said Mahaldar.
In a press release issued on Monday by panun kashmir chairman Dr.Ajay chrungoo and convernor Dr. Agnishekhar rebuff the Kashmiri pandit congregation and said that forcibly extirpation of Hindus of Kashmir is an act of genocide and not a simple migration. It has been a religious cleansing in which major sections of local political class, civil society and Jihadist entrepreneurs acted in concert.The same elements continue to oppose measures which could end state of genocide imposed on Kashmiri Hindus. There can be no reconciliation between victims of genocide and perpetrators of genocide. Any attempt at creating parity between victims and perpetrators of genocide has a hidden agenda to reinforce and deny genocide. Those individuals who for their own vested interests are floating dubious proposals of reconciliation have at their core objectives to promote the ideological and political goals of Jihadi separatism in Kashmir. We denounce all attempts which seek to deny genocide of Hindus of Kashmir with an aim to bail out the jihadist perpetrators of genocide. We all know it very well that victim collaborators damage the cause of victims.At a time when the present government at the centre has initiated measures to destroy Jihadist movement and its political and ideological dimensions, slogans of so-called reconciliation have a sinister agenda to promote subversive goals. We ask our community members to be on alert.
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