Sunday, August 1, 2021
Village Murran [Lat. 33 degrees 52 minutes, Long 74 degrees 54 minutes] is located about three km to the west of Pulwama town and two km. to the east of village Mitrigam… the birthplace of famous patriotic poet Pirzada Ghulam Ahmad ‘Mehjoor’. The natural scenery of the village is very charming. This village, surrounded on all sides by green pastures, untrimmed meadows, trees, shrubs, and paddy fields, breathes a typical rural atmosphere.
Brari Maeij, an ancient shrine is situated in North West of the village. This shrine came into existence when the Bhat dynasty of village Murran migrated from village Sumbal.
“SUMBAL”…a beautiful village in north Kashmir was the birthplace of great grand ancestors of Bhat’s of village Murran. Village Sumbal was often under floods during the rainy season. Pandit Bhawani Bhat (1765-1835), a pious and orthodox person had a wonderful dream on Magh Ashtami night. Divine effulgence filled his muddy room. The Divine Mother looked affectionately at Pandit Bhawani Bhat, beckoned him, and said, “Your extraordinary devotion has made me very happy. The time has come to shift you from this place. Early the next morning, a cat will appear in your compound. Pack up your belongings and follow the cat and settle down where the cat will give you an indication. That will be your next place of settlement"... Divine Mother disappeared after reciting the verdict to Pandit Bhawani Bhat.
Early the next morning a Divine Cat appeared in the compound of Pandit Bhawani Bhat and by that time he had already packed up his little belongings and followed the Divine Cat till both of them reached a village. The Divine Cat gave an indication to him by waving the tip of its tail and disappeared. When the Divine Cat disappeared a small spring emerged on the spot, which was afterward expanded, and a beautiful temple was built exactly on the spot where the Divine Cat made Pandit Bhawani Bhat settle. The temple was later called Brari Maeij (Cat Mother). The construction of the temple started in 1847 and was completed in about four months at the expense of eighty-six rupees. The icon of the Divine Mother was installed in 1849 under the supervision of Shri Loket Bhat (1801-1876).
In the dark nights, under the canopy of the Chinar trees, this sacred place presents an atmosphere where one becomes rapt in his meditation, and in the moonlit nights, a devotee experiences something mystic all over.
(Excerpts from my book "THE ECHO OF SILENCE" [© Chander M Bhat]
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