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Maish Krrer is a traditional ripened cheese product indigenous to Pahalgam, Gulmarg, Sonamarg, and Shopian. It is a very dense cheese that is usually fried in its own fat. Maish Krrer is usually made from cow's or buffalo's milk and has a whitish color. Traditionally Maish Krrer is made from raw full-fat milk that is separated using soured milk. The solidified part is packed in small bowls made of leaves and sun-dried. The excess liquid drips down from the semi-porous bowls and the rest of the moisture is lost by sun drying. Sometimes fungus grows on this and gives it a unique flavor.
Kalari, traditionally a Ramnagar (Udhampur) cheese, is an authentic Dogra cheese and often made part of various cheese-based cuisines, such as the "Kalari-Kulcha," which is a popular snack in the Jammu province. Kalari Kulcha is a famous street food of J&K and can be seen in the menu list of roadside vendors and big shops. To prepare a Kalari, it is dabbed in salt and sautéed in its own fat, it is covered while sautéing.
Preparing Kalari requires some expertise that may be mastered in a couple of trials. Some people use butter or ghee for making it more viscous and for making it properly crispy. After some time the Kalari is flipped over and covered again. After sautéing, it gets a brownish crispy layer outside and soft, creamy, gooey melted cheese inside.
Kalari is often served hot and salted with tomatoes, onions, and bread. Singh Cafeteria, Udhampur's Kalari is very famous.
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