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The Real face of department of Information &PR Jammu and Kashmir
What’s behind the scenes? Who will bell the cat?”
By Ashok Raina.
No journalist can dare to write about this department because the employees of this department are suffering from corruption and sharing of money transactions up to even higher officials can turn off the bread and butter of journalists depending on the profession. No pen is ready to write against this department due to fear of ruin of career, livelihood and progress race. All the officials of the state do not shy away from crossing any limit regarding the approval of advertisements in favour of periodicals and transactions of crores of rupees every month in advertisements, due to which there has been a further increase in the hooligan activities in the state instead of Promotion of Journalism.

When we journalist like other people go to visit on the website of the department of information Jammu and Kashmir. Then we would be shocked and stunned. In fact, what is seen from outside from shining building is actually something else from the inside.
You too will be amazed when you know before the curtain is lifted.

The careers of genuine journalists have been particularly badly affected by the civil servants under the department and if be scrutinized, the active employees of the Information Department ranging from peons to KAS officers have formulated worth crores of moveable and immovable property in the state and outside but no any probe and enquiry has been initiated against them any enquiry agencies till now. The world vide known word “ PRESS” which means Public relations essential social service but in the state of Jammu and Kashmir the department of information and public relations defined it as term “ Public Resources Self Endowment Scheme”.
If the former officers of the department themselves will go today and see the current status of non-professional, illiterate journalists strengthened by them in comparison to real journalists would confess their dealings of past before the general public and Hon’ble bench of courts across the country.
The employees of the department made countless money by taking advantage of terrorism in the state. The problem is that the responsible officers, who were posted in the said department by misusing their chairs, have included the illiterate, bread makers, hawkers, drivers and conductors in the state in the list of journalists beside have empanelled the several numbers of publications for support of government of advertisement against the advertisement policy of state and against the rule of law without any fear or any fright while as real journalists being labelled with number allegations with intention to keep them away from any interference into their way of illegal activities.

That the number of KAS officers in the state is associated with their created group of organisations or associations are running by them illegally in the state. If one KAS officer is involved in one fraud case being shielded by his other colleague and this process is going on from many years while public money kept in sinking in between the activities of said pairs for behave of doubling act.
I observed that pen terrorist officers of the state have learned all tricks to handle in the law courts all the matters if though is running against them If required and at the needful time of the hours they were being transferred for safe zone mode by help of his other colleagues Some times are attaining the period of their retirement in the state with dignity and honor till next of hearing of all those cases against them.

Irony is this? that Since after the period of the year 2014 the general public of state has submitted the large number of grievances through online under “ Awazee Awam “ subject against the public servants of the state but it is shock and dismay to say under what circumstances the state administrations fails mostly to redress the grievances of the general public is a matter of grave concern.
You will be laugh and roar upon the system in the state after when you dear know the particulars about the department of information and Public Relations Jammu and Kashmir the communication revolution department in 21st century .The large number of employees remain activated up to number of decades without any transfer mode in the said department and earned a lot with different key adoptions without any proper enquiry initiated against them.
I remember the day of event when former Hon’ble minister of state passed the order against then deputy Director information J&K later the association of the employees by means of called on strike till they forced said minister of state to revoke his orders against said culprit official beside one honest member of empanelment committee also being forced to leave to do his job in well and to resign.
I wish too many happy returns of daily Tribune Chandigarh edition got published the news item at that point of time.
Yet the fashion has not got into change and found the same thing once again today when well renowned IAS officer and Director Information Mr. Rahul Pandey revokes the salary halt orders against the 52 employees of information department after the pen down strike to protest was called for against the decision of Director information Mr. Rahul Pandey by the employees of Directorate offices, Divisional and district offices of Jammu and Kashmir. Eventually the public servants by exerting the Joint Director of Information, Kashmir, Inam-ul-Haq Siddiqui read out the revocation order in front of them. "Finally what we feared happened” Again and Again.
To make aware the general public is the duty of journalist. You dear know that large number of employees of department of information has launched number of publications before and after their retirement and has shifted half of the state advertisement budget into their accounts or family accounts in the shape of advertisement in every past financial year. It also came to known some active employees of department have sold their publications to other private parties and have earned a lot during their period of service by way of adoption of these acts. That under the garb of corruption the large number of Pro-state affairs based publications being forced to close down in one pretext to other is the unfortunate for the people of state in the name of PRESS.
That in addition to above all the journalist wants to share the additional information for contribution to general public there are more than 600 periodicals registered from Jammu and Kashmir .The officers of both divisions have decided to divided the work on the lines of equity share activity marketing bases and near about 300 periodicals(registered +Unregistered) were got empanelled from Jammu Division and while as more than 300 periodicals are exercising for the same thing in Kashmir region in hanky pranky manner. The migrant Journalists has the status of temporary ration cards in the state at present and after their unfortunate exodus from the Kashmir valley being forced to close down their publications in one pretext to other and deprived them for to right to freedom of expression and from equal rights. This is the reasons the large circulated and pro state affairs publications like as “The Martand” The Shardha” “The Kashmir sentimental” The Khidmat( Urdu) The Bhare Nav Urdu(hacked by someone) “ Pakiza Tasveer” The Northern Times (Urdu ,English-Hindi) and several other publications though were running by minority community the Kashmiri Pandits being forced to close down one pretext to other unlawfully . Thus the word PRESS in the state is entirely meaningless. In the new stone age era of Journalism after 1990 crores rupees been extracted from the state in the shape of advertisement by the august hands of accountable officers of the state.

You will be also amazed to know other facts which can easily to enquire that there are number of group of publications of some few publishers running in the state. It has been learnt and came to known that some group of publishers having 5 to 25 more publications within their families are getting high rank of benefits from the present officials.
The failure of anti corruption Bureau and Crime branch is entirely visible because every government press note to all agencies are passing through of Department of Information and Public relations Jammu and Kashmir it is as such any investigation agency or department is not ready to conduct the enquiry or raid upon the both capital headquarters of Department of Information and Public Relations of Jammu & Kashmir.
If anyone will call for answers from the responsible officers under RTI Act and you will receive only one reply all the time “Hypocrite questions can’t be replies” And your life is also in danger.
There is old dictum and everybody have heard it “Who will bell the cat?” hell out from this great problem.

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