Thursday, February 2, 2023
Amazing story of Department of Information and Public Relations Jammu and Kashmir
You will be surprised to hear the theory of Journalism in the state.
Jammu December 20(Ashok Raina)
Department of Information and Public Relations Jammu have multi-storey buildings in both divisions of Jammu and Kashmir. What is inside or outside in these buildings? Knowing the secret is not a matter for everyone. The Government of India has spent a lot of money for the construction of these buildings with Shanti Dhoot Rang Rogan i.e. white paints distemper has been draw on all the walls of buildings but alas to say here that inside of the buildings there are shops and hideouts of law brokers, brokers.
In the process of becoming the owner of crores in short duration the bureaucracy seems to be engaged in promoting the brokerage. The responsible officers are doing many sad things needs to keep their authority in check as continuously are Promoting mafia, hooliganism, and yellow journalism in the state badly manner and unlawfully.
You will be more surprised to know that in spite of getting good education in the era of 21st century, instead of becoming a human being, in general, utmost all the KAS officers in Jammu and Kashmir are behaving inhumanly are many corrupt, brokers, thieves are very full of activity in their bad schedule business and instead of public serving, they are giving sorrow to the people of state for their vested interest are hitting the state exchequer and people's pockets every month.
In a short tenure, these public servants often become owners of crores. Due to the adoption of corruption and oppression, these officers are progressing twice in day and four times in the night. Despite getting good salaries, they appear money hungry and thirsty and push the general public into trouble.
The present government led by BJP which is claiming to have curbed corruption actually the whole things are different and is wrong.
You will remember when at one time the government was giving television sets to Panchayat houses and it was heard that the Information and Public Relations Department of Jammu and Kashmir played an important role in the beginning of this phase and instead of maintain the supplement of thousands of TV sets to Panchayat houses, allegations were laid upon some officials are answerable for taken number of TV sets to home for their personnel use. It was also heard and alleged that an FIR was also lodged against many employees at Bari Brahmana police station, the matter constant till the end of the year 2020, but later only the responsible officers know how the matter got buried.
After this when the era of computers came, then only God is Hafiz for the intentions of the officials. In the name of promoting online facility and work for journalists, many computers were ordered in the office, but later no one is going to ask what happened to those computers. However it came to light that one KAS officer Mr. Naresh Kumar has forwarded the matter of FIR against the employees for theft one lap top and it cannot be ruled out that there is a big scam in the tea being given to the journalists.
It also came in the light that number of contractors who are also publishing newspapers across the state are receiving a large number of advertisements quota from the part of answerable public servants of Department of Information and Public Relations Jammu and Kashmir, beside have received the contracts for the supplement of fax machines, Photostat machines, stationery, Red carpets, chairs in the office,. Later, under the scam of auction of goods nothing remains observable for the investigation agencies.

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